The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Chapters 229 - 233 Summary

The same evening the police took Christopher's father away from the apartment, he had one of his favorite dreams. It is a dream in which all the people of the earth die, except the special people like him. He is no longer stared at, touched, or has to interact with anyone else. This dream makes him happy.

The next morning Mr. Shears tells Christopher's mother that Christopher can stay with them for a few days. He thinks she is going to be happy with his decision, but instead she informs him Christopher is going to stay as long as he wishes to stay.

Christopher notifies his Mother he needs to return to Swindon to take his A level maths test the next week. She tries to put off talking about it, by telling him they will speak about it later. Christopher has a hard time sleeping, because he is afraid he will not take the test and he is afraid of Mr. Shears. At 2:07 a.m. he decides to take a walk on Chapter Road, which is the street the apartment is located on and he finds a place between a dumpster and a van to sit and think. He likes it there, so he stays for a long time, until his mother calls his name. She is frightened he has run away, after she locates him, she makes him promise to not leave the apartment on his own again.

The next day Christopher's mother is fired from her job. This angers her, but all Christopher can think about is taking his A level test. She tells him he will have to take the test at a later date, which makes his chest hurt again.

Later that day, his mother tells him she has called the school and arranged for him to take the test next year. Christopher screams for a long time, after being given the news. He refuses to eat and he sleeps very little, because he is so upset about not being allowed to take the test.

Mr. Shears and Christopher's mother have a loud argument. To cope with the noise and stress Christopher turns the radio to white noise and listens to it at a loud level, which hurts his head. This is his way of turning the pain he feels emotionally into a physical pain, which he tolerates more easily.

One Monday night, after he has been drinking, Mr. Shears enters Christopher's bedroom and tells him he feels Christopher thinks he is clever, by coming to live at the apartment and messing up his and Christopher's mother's lives. Christopher's mother makes him leave the room.

The next day she takes Mr. Shears' car and moves herself and Christopher back home to Swindon. Christopher's father is not happy to find her in their home, but he eventually leaves to live with Rhodri, his employee. Christopher's mother tells him they will be finding a place of their own soon.

She takes Christopher back to school and he thinks he is going to take his A level test, even though she has explained to him she made arrangements for him to take it next year. She meets Siobhan and talks to her about the test and how Christopher is upset about not taking it.

Siobhan speaks with Mrs. Gascoyne and arranges for Christopher to take his A level maths test. He is afraid he is not ready for the test, but he takes it anyway, because this is when he scheduled it on his timetable.

Christopher's father keeps on trying to connect with him, but Christopher is afraid of him. His mother urges him to speak to his father and he tells him he took his A level test. His father is proud of him, but he is hurting because he wants to connect with Christopher again.

Christopher and his mother get a small room in a house. They have to share the bathroom with the other tenants, which is a problem for Christopher. His mother has to clean the bathroom every time Christopher needs to use it. His mother finds a job, but it means Christopher must stay with his father from 3:49 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. each day. This frightens Christopher, so he barricades himself in his room until his mother picks him up. Another bad piece of news for Christopher is his pet rat dies.

Finally, one day his father tells Christopher he needs to learn to trust him again. They are going to call it their project and work at it slowly, one minute a day, until Christopher is again comfortable with his father. To help ease him into trusting his father, Christopher's father gives him a puppy.

Christopher learns he got an A on the A level maths test. He is very happy about it and plans to take the next level test the following year. He and his father are bonding and Christopher is making plans to go to college. He knows he can accomplish his goals, because he wrote a book, solved Wellington's murder, and traveled to London on his own.

Christopher completely turns his mother's life upside down by moving in with her and her boyfriend. He is also obsessed with taking his A level maths test. He and his mother move back to Swindon and Christopher slowly learns to trust his father again. The experiences he has had in these chapters give him a sense of accomplishment, because he received an A on his test and he has learned he can go through bad times, even though he is frightened and he is still able to find the good in life.

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