The Great Gatsby Chapter 5 - Summary

Nick returns to his house after visiting with Jordan and sees that Gatsby has turned on every light in his house and his walking over to visit Nick. Nick tells Gatsby that he will invite Daisy for tea and the two agree on a time. In return, Gatsby offers Nick a business opportunity to "pick up a bit of money," but Nick declines and assures Gatsby he is making the invitation as a favor and wants nothing in return.

Nick calls Daisy the next day and asks her to visit, but not to bring Tom. Daisy agrees. Gatsby becomes obsessed with making everything perfect for the meeting. He sends a man to cut Nick's lawn and has flowers delivered. Gatsby arrives at Nick's house an hour before Daisy is expected and Nick is surprised by how nervous he is. Finally Daisy arrives, but when Nick comes back from the front door with her, Gatsby has disappeared. He has gone out a back door and shows up again at the front door, as though he has just stopped by. After the initial meeting, Nick decides he is getting in the way of the reunion and he leaves the house for a while.

When Nick returns, Gatsby and Daisy are getting along famously. Gatsby invites Daisy and Nick to his mansion, where he gives Daisy a grand tour of his home, showing her how wealthy he has become. Daisy is delighted by all of the luxury and fine things at Gatsby's house. She respects material wealth, and Gatsby has achieved it. He shows her his furniture, his art, and his finely tailored clothes. At one point Daisy cries, claiming she is overwhelmed by how beautiful Gatsby's shirts are.

Despite how joyous this reunion seems to be, at the end of the chapter, Nick suggests that the experience is disappointing for Gatsby because he has been motivated by wanting to impress Daisy for all these years. Now that she is in his house and duly impressed, he may not have anything to work toward anymore.

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