The Lottery Important Characters

Mr. Summers - happy, older man who ran a coal business, married with no children, runs the lottery

Mr. Graves - the postmaster, assists with the lottery, helps little Dave choose and open his slip of paper

Tessie Hutchinson - wife of Bill, mother of three, arrives late to the lottery, makes jokes, wins the lottery, which results in her being stoned to death

Bill Hutchinson - Tessie's wife, chooses the first paper with the black spot, which makes them focus in on his family, leading to his wife winning the lottery

Mrs. Delacroix - friend of Tessie's who jokes with her then chooses a stone so large she has to lift it with both hands

Janey Dunbar - must choose a paper on behalf of her family because her husband is stuck home with a broken leg

Bill, Jr., Nancy, and Dave - the Hutchinson children who all had to choose pieces of paper but did not get the one with the black spot

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