Winter Dreams Important Characters

Dexter Green - protagonist of the story who goes from age fourteen to thirty-two, wants to be rich and possess Judy Jones, but despite periodically dating, she marries someone else and he ends up a wealthy man in New York

Judy Jones - meets Dexter while playing golf at age eleven, they cross paths again about nine years later and begin dating, but she dates many men and eventually drops him, picks him up again after he is engaged, which breaks off his engagement only to leave him again and eventually marry another man

Irene Scheerer - briefly engaged to Dexter before he cheats on her

Mr. Hart - invites Dexter to golf after Dexter comes home from college

Mr. T.A. Hedrick - part of their foursome who gets hit in the stomach by a golf ball that Judy hit

Devlin - a business associate from Detroit who tells Dexter that Judy is married to an unpleasant man and is no longer beautiful

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