AP Art History : Greek Art - Archaic, Classical, & Hellenistic Quiz

*Theme/Title: Greek Art - Archaic, Classical, & Hellenistic
* Description/Instructions
This quiz provides review questions covering the history of Greek art with specific reference to the images listed below (all numbering of images refers to AP Art History List of Required Works):

26. Athenian agora. Archaic through Hellenistic Greek. 600 B.C.E.-150 C.E.

27. Anavysos Kouros. Archaic Greek. c. 530 B.C.E. Marble with remnants of paint.

28. Peplos Kore from the Acropolis. Archaic Greek. c. 530 B.C.E. Marble, painted.

33. Niobides Krater. Anonymous vase painter of Classical Greece known as the Niobid Painter. c. 460-450 B.C.E. Clay, red-figure technique (white highlights).

34. Doryphoros (Spear Bearer). Polykleitos. Original 450-440 B.C.E. Roman copy (marble) of Greek original (bronze).

35. Acropolis. Athens, Greece. Iktinos and Kallikrates. c. 447-410 B.C.E. Marble.

36. Grave stele of Hegeso. Attributed to Kallimachos. c. 410 B.C.E. Marble and paint.

37. Winged Victory of Samothrace Hellenistic Greek. c. 190 B.C.E. Marble.

38. Great Altar of Zeus and Athena at Pergamon. Asia Minor (present-day Turkey). Hellenistic Greek. c. 175 B.C.E. Marble (architecture and sculpture)

41. Seated boxer. Hellenistic Greek. c. 100 B.C.E. Bronze

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