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The second declension has a stem in -o. It comprises mainly masculine and neuter nouns. Masculines endings are in -us or -er, as in populus or ager, and neuter endings are in -um, as in donum. There are a small number of feminine words, like tree names that do not end in -um.

Cum thema in -o, dēclīnātiō secunda præsertim continet nōmina masculīna et neutra. Sunt masculīnī nōmina in -us et -er, exemplī grātiā, populus vel ager. Aliquae arborēs sunt nōmina fēminea.

Exercice your knowledge of the second declension! / Exercē tuam dēclīnātiōnis scientiam.

Choose the correct option/ Ēlige aptum responsum.

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