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Our actual calendar comes from a reform made by Julius Caesar in the year 46 b.C. Before, the early Roman calendar started in March and had only 10 months. January and February were added in the year 700 b.C. There was also a middle-month which came after February called Intercalaris, which means inter-calendar. With Juliuis Caesar's reform, Intercalaris was removed and the days of the month were fixed to our current calendar. Can you name the months in Latin?

Calendarium praesentis venit ab corrēctiōne Iūliī Caesaris. Calendarium habebat prius decem mēnsēs cum Mārtium prīmum mensis. Iānuārius et Februārius accessiōnēs fuērunt ab anno 700 a.C. Ad Caesarem corrēctiōne, mensis diēs sunt fixit ad trīgintā, trīgintā unus et duodetrīgintā. Noscis mēnsēs rōmānōrum?

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