Pharmacy Technician : Side Effects (S/E) and Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) Quiz

*Theme/Title: Side Effects (S/E) and Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR)
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A Side Effect (S/E) is any condition caused by a drug other than the one intended. S/E's are usually more of a nuisance than harmful and they are mostly transient, in that they resolve over time. An example of a S/E is with the diabetes drug to control blood sugar levels, Metformin. There is a high incidence of diarrhea with the administration of the drug. Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) are more serious in nature. ADR's result in dangerous changes in lab values, permanent loss of function, mortality or significant alteration in body weight. ADR's are most often dose related. An example of an ADR is the drop in white blood cell count to dangerously low levels with the use of the antipsychotic, Clozaril (clozapine). This quiz covers Side Effects and Adverse Drug Reactions related to drug administration.

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