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There are three major climate zones. Group 1 is the low latitude climates, or the tropical zone: rainforests, savannas and deserts. Group 2 is the mid latitude climates, or the temperate zone: steppes (grasslands), chaparral (Mediterranean), and deciduous forest. Group 3 is the high latitude climates, or the polar zone: taiga, tundra and alpine. Temperatures in these zones are determined by the latitude of the zone. Climate systems are based on the location of hot or cold air masses in the atmosphere.

Polar climates have the coldest average temperatures, little precipitation and there is no summer (between 90-60 degrees latitude). Temperate climates vary from 5 degrees Celsius to over 20 degrees Celsius (between 60-30 degrees latitude). This zone covers a large portion of the Earth. Tropical climates have the average warmest climates out of the three zones. There is no winter in the tropical climates. Temperatures do not fall below 18 degrees Celsius, and there is heavy precipitation (between 30-0 degrees latitude). Use the above information to answer the questions. Select the best answer from the choices.

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