The Simple Future Tense in Spanish

The easiest way to express the future tense in Spanish is to use the construction ir + a + infinitive. This is like the English construction "going to..."
Here is the present tense conjugation of ir [to go].

Yo voy
Tú vas
Él, ella, usted va
Nosotros vamos
Vosotros vais
Ellos, ellas, ustedes van

To say you are going to do something in the future, use a conjugated form of the verb ir, the preposition a, and an infinitive.
Voy a ir a la playa. [I'm going to go to the beach.]
¿Vas a jugar al fútbol? [Are you going to play football?]
Ella va a comer en casa. [She's going to eat at home.]
Vamos a estudiar español. [We're going to study Spanish.]
¿Vais a dormir? [Are you going to sleep?]
Ellos van a tenir una fiesta. [They're going to have a party?]

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