ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension

Read the following paragraph and answer the questions.

Prior to the Cuban Revolution, there were only two golf courses in Cuba, a modest one in Havana and a larger one in Varadero. The game had never developed much of a following in the country before the Revolution in 1959, and after Fidel Castro came to power, golf courses were shut down because he identified golf as a 'bourgeois hobby' of the United States. With the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, however, and the withdrawal of Soviet aid to Cuba, there has been, in recent years, a change in attitude in Cuba. Not everything associated with the United States is dismissed out of hand, particularly if it could bring money to the island, something desperately needed now that the Soviet Union no longer supports the country. Golf is slowly making inroads into Cuba, and in 2013, Castro's own son won a golf tournament.

A: Most Cuban people have no interest in sports, especially those associated with the United States.
B: Although unpopular for much of the twentieth century, golf is gaining popularity in Cuba.
C: Fidel Castro's son is more of an athlete than his father.
D: Most Cubans supported Castro's decision to close the country's golf courses.

A: Cuba received much financial support from the Soviet Union before the fall of Communism.
B: The Soviet Union did not approve of golf.
C: Castro closed the golf courses because they were not up to his standards.
D: Castro's son never supported his decision to close the golf courses.

A: Highways
B: Criticism
C: Progress
D: Controversy

A: Support the claim that the Castro family is very athletic.
B: Support the claim that the popularity of golf is growing.
C: Support the claim that Fidel Castro is moody and temperamental.
D: Support the claim that Cuba has no quality golf courses.

A: Havana
B: Trinidad
C: Matanzas
D: Varadero

A: Because Castro was a failure as a golf player
B: Because Castro identified golf as a middle-class American pastime.
C: Because Castro's son lost a golf tournament in his youth
D: Because Castro was concerned that golf courses would ruin the natural beauty of Cuba.

A: The internet has made golf more accessible to Cubans.
B: Cuba no longer has financial support from the Soviet Union and needs an economic boost.
C: Castro's son has developed an interest in the sport.
D: Castro himself has developed an appreciation for golf.

A: 1945
B: 1951
C: 1956
D: 1959

A: In the early 1990s
B: In the 1960s
C: 1975
D: 2013

A: The fact that it can be a difficult game to learn
B: The fact that it originated in Scotland
C: The fact that it was associated with the United States
D: The fact that most players were men

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