Amelia Earhart Timeline
Timeline Description: Amelia Earhart led the way for huge advances in women's rights as well as aeronautics. She did amazing things in her life, and this timeline outlines a few of them.

Date Event
1897 Amelia Earhart is born

Amelia was born in Kansas. Her mother was the first woman to climb Pike's Peak, and her father was a lawyer and inventor.
1908 Amelia sees her first airplane

Amelia went to the fair and saw her very first airplane. She later said she it didn't interest her that day at all.
1916 Amelia goes to college

Amelia did well in college, and it was the first time she started to think about working in a man's world. In her day, only men had "important" jobs.
1917 Her first air show

While working as a nurse's aide in Canada, Amelia was invited to watch an air show. She watched the flying machines with fascination.
1920 The first ride

Amelia moved to California to be with her family. While there she attended many air shows, and she finally decided she wanted to try flying herself.
January 1921 Flying lessons

Amelia decided that flying was the thing for her. She began taking flying lessons from Anita "Neta" Snook.
1921 The Canary

Amelia bought her first airplane after flying for eight months. She had it painted bright yellow.
1922 A new record

Amelia took her airplane up to 14,000 feet. This was a record for women pilots.
1923 The Hall of Fame

When she is only 26 years old, Amelia is inducted into the Aeronautical Hall of Fame for her contribution to the aeronautical field.
1925 Amelia takes a break

After moving to Boston Amelia had to sell her beloved airplane. She eventually started flying again, and the people of Boston noticed.
1928 Officer of the National Aeronautical Association

Amelia took the honor in an association of mostly men. She rose to the top as vice president.
1928 Going across the Atlantic

In 1927 Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic Ocean for the first time ever. When the time came for a woman to make the trip, Amelia was chosen.
1929 The Powder Puff Derby

Amelia took third place in an airplane race from Los Angeles, California, to Cleveland, Ohio.
1930 The Ninety-Nine

Amelia and a few other women got together to form a club for women pilots. They called it 99 because there were ninety-nine women who joined.
1931 Amelia gets married

Amelia married George Palmer Putnam, who had published books by Charles Lindbergh and who had also helped Amelia with her flight across the Atlantic Ocean.
1932 A second flight across the Atlantic Ocean

Amelia set a goal to be the only person to cross the Atlantic in an airplane twice. She made her goal, even though she almost crashed.
1934 The conquests continue

Amelia managed two more flights that put her in the record book. She made the first Pacific Ocean flight from Hawaii to California, and she flew from Mexico to New Jersey.
1935 Amelia promotes the woman's role

Amelia is invited to teach at Purdue. She encourages woman to follow their dreams.
1937 The last flight

Amelia decided she wanted to be the first person to fly around the world, but more than halfway through the flight her plane disappeared, having most likely crashed in the Pacific Ocean. Amelia's contribution to women and the world was enormous, paving the way for women and men alike to follow their dreams.