Benedict Arnold Timeline
Timeline Description: Benedict Arnold (born January 14, 1741) is best remembered as a traitor of the American Revolution. While he began his military career in the Sons of Liberty, he later sought financial reward by providing information to the British. He fled America as a traitor after the Revolutionary War.

Date Event
January 14, 1741 Benedict Arnold Born

Benedict Arnold was born on January 14, 1741 to relatively well-off parents in Norwich, Connecticut. His father was a successful businessman, and he received a private school education. During his childhood, three siblings died of yellow fever, and his father began drinking heavily.
1757 Enlisted in the Militia

After a short apprenticeship as an apothecary, Arnold enlisted in the militia. He went to fight the French in New York. After his mother's death, he took responsibility for his father and a remaining sibling.
1761 Father Died

After a number of years of drunkenness, Arnold's father died in 1761.
1764 West Indies Trade Company

In 1764, Arnold founded a West Indies trade company, based in New Haven, Connecticut with merchant Adam Babcock.
1764 Joined Sons of Liberty

Arnold's frustration with tax regulations led him to join the Sons of Liberty.
1767 Married Margaret Mansfield

Arnold married the daughter of the sheriff of New Haven, Margaret Mansfield, in 1767. The couple had three sons in the next five years before Margaret's death.
May 10, 1775 Seized Fort Ticonderoga

Along with Ethan Allen, Arnold seized control of New York's Fort Ticonderoga. His wife died while he was away.
June 27, 1775 Invasion of Quebec

Following the seizure of Fort Ticonderoga, Arnold actively encouraged the invasion of Quebec, but was not put in charge of the invasion. Arnold did move forward with an alternate invasion of Canada, sustaining a severe leg wound.
1776 Battle of Lake Champlain

Arnold participated in the Battle of Lake Champlain in 1776 and the Battle of Saratoga in 1777; however, while he fought bravely, he made many enemies in the command.
1778 Appointed Commander of Philadelphia

In 1778, with the support of George Washington, Benedict Arnold was appointed command of Philadelphia after the British left.
1778 Married Peggy Shippen

Not long after receiving command, Arnold married the daughter of a Philadelphia loyalist, Peggy Shippen.
1779 Court Martialed

After incurring significant debt, Arnold was court martialed. He received only minimal punishment.
1779 Began Correspondence with British Major John Andre

In 1779, Arnold began corresponding with British Major John Andre, providing information about troop supplies and movements. Andre had known Peggy prior to the British retreat.
August 1780 Commander of West Point

In August 1780, Arnold was made commander of West Point. He intentionally refused repairs or resupply at the base, weakening it.
September 21, 1780 Met with Andre

In September 1780, Arnold met with Andre, providing him with additional information about the American forces. Andre was captured only a few days later.
October 2, 1780 Andre Executed

In October 1780, Andre was executed. Arnold began attempting to extricate himself from America.
December 1781 Moved to Britain

In December 1781, Arnold moved to Britain. He later returned to North America, settling in Canada, but was quite unwelcome. He finally returned to Britain.
June 14, 1801 Died in London

Arnold died in London at 60 years of age.