Benjamin Franklin Timeline
Timeline Description: Benjamin Franklin was known as an inventor and a thinker. He made many contributions to the America we know today, and his achievements are outlined in this timeline.

Date Event
1706 Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin was born in Boston, MA.
1717 His first invention

An 11 year old Benjamin invented a pair of fins to wear on his hands while he swam.
1720 A love for learning

Benjamin loved reading and studying so much that he gave up lots of other activities to give him more time to learn. He even gave up church!
1722 The Vegetarian

Benjamin gave up eating meat so that it would save him money to buy more books.
1723 The Printer

Benjamin began work as a printer, printing the newspapers and books he loved so much.
1728 His first publication

Benjamin had his first paper published. It was titled "Articles of Belief and Acts of Religion", and many others papers followed.
1729 Paper money (1729 and 1736)

In 1729 Benjamin wrote a paper on the need for paper money in the colonies. In 1736 he printed his first run of paper money for New Jersey.
1737 The First Postmaster

Benjamin was appointed as the first Postmaster of Philadelphia.
1746 Experimentation

Benjamin started his first of many electrical experiments.
1747 An electrical tube

Benjamin's friend, Peter Collinson, from London sent him the item known as the electrical tube. It helped strengthen Benjamin's resolve to find electricity.
1752 The Kite

Benjamin conducts his famous kite and electricity experiment. He tied a key to a kite, and he flew it in a lightning storm.
1753 Joint Postmaster General

Benjamin was appointed the joint Postmaster General of North America. He later mapped out all the mail routes in the colonies.
1776 The Declaration of Independence

Benjamin Franklin helped write the Declaration of Independence.
1783 The Bifocals

Benjamin invented the bifocal glasses, which allowed a person to see clearly up close or far away.
1790 Benjamin's death

Benjamin died at the age of 84. He contributed to the founding of public schooling, the money system, religious institutions, the American government, and more-he will never be forgotten.
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