Francisco Pizarro Timeline
Timeline Description: Francisco Pizarro was a Spanish explorer who traveled to Peru. He claimed the land for Spain and helped open the world up for exploration. This is a timeline of his life.

Date Event
1474 Francisco is born

Francisco Pizarro was born in Trujillo, Spain.
1509 Francisco becomes an explorer

Francisco sailed on the expedition that founded the city of San Sebastian.
1513 Francisco works on another expedition

Francisco joined the expedition of Nunez de Balboa. They discovered the Pacific Ocean.
1515 He meets the natives

While travelling with the Nunez expedition, Francisco met and traded with the natives of the new lands. He wanted to go on his own expedition.
1520 The discovery of the Republic of Costa Rica

On another expedition Francisco helped discover what would become Costa Rica.
1522 Francisco gets his own funding

He finally found funding for his very first expedition. He sailed to just south of Panama, where he found a small amount of gold.
1528 He gets a second expedition

Because he found gold in South America, Francisco was given more funding to explore the area for treasures.
1528 The discovery of Peru

Francisco travelled with Diego de Almagro. They discovered the land of Peru.
1528 Francisco returns to Spain

After discovering Peru, Francisco returned to Spain. He asked for permission to claim Peru for Spain.
1530 Peru is claimed for Spain

Francisco took another expedition to Peru where he claimed the land for Spain. He travelled with his 3 half-brothers.
1532 Francisco takes the Inca leader hostage

Francisco came upon the Inca people who lived in Peru. He took their leader hostage and asked for ransom.
1533 The Incas are killed

Francisco became greedy for money and power. After the Incas paid the ransom for their leader, Francisco had him killed.
1533 Lima is founded

Lima became the capital of Peru and it still is today.
1537 A fight with his partner breaks out

Francisco's travelling partner was Diego de Almagro. They began to fight over who would be in control and their fight turned deadly when Diego was killed.
1541 Francisco is killed

One of Diego de Almagro's men found Francisco and killed him. Though he was greedy and cruel, Francisco's life helped open the door for other discoveries in the American continents.