Grover Cleveland Timeline
Timeline Description: Grover Cleveland was the 22nd and 24th American president. He was the only president to serve two terms that were split apart. His presidency is remembered as being a good one.

Date Event
1837 Grover Cleveland is born

Grover was born into a large family in New Jersey. His official name was Stephen Grover Cleveland.
1853 Grover's education

Grover finished his early education, but his college schooling was an up and down ride. He had to leave school for various family disasters, and he eventually took an apprenticeship at a law firm.
1863 The Civil War

Grover was deeply involved in his own law firm by the time the Union began conscripting soldiers. Instead of enlisting in the war himself, he hired a man to serve in his place; this allowed him to continue practicing law.
1871 Grover becomes sheriff

Mr. Cleveland ran for district attorney but lost, so he ran again for the office of sheriff of Erie County, New York. Grover won the election and began his first term in public office.
1882 A run for mayor of Buffalo

Mr. Cleveland was nominated to run for Mayor of Buffalo because in recent years the office had grown corrupt. He won the election and began work on cleaning it up right away.
1883 Governor of New York

Mr. Cleveland wasn't the Democratic Party's first choice nominee, but he brought in the votes and was elected governor. As he had done in the mayor's office, he got to work immediately on cleaning up the administration.
1885 President!

When no other suitable nominee could be found, Mr. Cleveland's name was placed on the ballot to run for president. He won the election by a narrow margin.
1886 Marriage

Grover Cleveland was one of the few presidents to ever serve in the White House as a bachelor. He courted and married Frances Folsom during his second year in office.
1887 Cleaning House

President Cleveland once again wasted no time in cleaning up corruption, overspending, and mismanaged departments in the government. He downsized government departments, modernized the US Navy, and made sure government workers who were working hard were rewarded.
1888 Grover loses the presidential election

During the election of 1888, heavy campaigning was done within the Republican Party. Republican candidate Benjamin Harrison came out the victor, and President Cleveland returned to normal life.
1891 Children and private life

After losing the election, Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland moved to New York City and Mr. Cleveland returned to practicing law. During this time, their first child was born.
1893 President!

The Cleveland's planned on returning to the White House and they worked towards that during the entire four years away. Their work paid off in the 1892 election, and Cleveland again won the presidency.
1893 The Panic of 1893

Shortly after taking office, President Cleveland was faced with the Panic of 1893. A shortage of gold, partly due to the Sherman Silver Purchase Act passed by President Harrison a few years before, caused a crisis, and President Cleveland acted to avert it.
1896 A new state

Though some had sought to bring Hawaii into the Union, President Cleveland held off on the annexation. However, he did allow Utah to apply for statehood, and Utah joined the Union in 1896.