Harriet Tubman Timeline
Timeline Description: Harriet Tubman held on to her bravery and trust in God through a time of national turmoil. She freed slaves up and down the east coast, working for the Underground Railroad. This timeline details her work.

Date Event
1820 Harriet Tubman

Harriet was born and was given the name Araminta Ross around 1820. She later changed it to Harriet.
1830 A slave for hire

Harriet's master rented her out for years to other men in the area who needed her. Her masters were cruel and didn't take care of her needs.
1844 Harriet gets married

Harriet married a freed slave named John Tubman. This was when she changed her name to Harriet.
1849 The Runaway Slave

Harriet's master died, leaving a lot of debt for his family to pay. When the family talked about selling their slaves to pay the debts, Harriet decided to run away so she wouldn't be sold.
1850 Her first rescue

Harriet began her rescue missions immediately. She helped her niece, and her niece's two children, escape slavery.
1851 More slaves rescued

Harried moved up and down the coast, helping her family members run away from their slave drivers.
1854 Harriet gets noticed

After helping many slaves run to freedom, people in the abolitionist movement began to notice. They wanted her help.
1858 A meeting with John Brown

Harriet met John Brown for the first time. He was planning his raid on Harpers Ferry for which he would later be arrested.
1859 Harriet begins lecturing

Harriet moved to New York where she began speaking publicly on behalf of the Underground Railroad.
1861 The Civil War

The war started, and Harriet knew she wanted to help.
1862 Harriet the trooper (1862-1865)

Harriet worked with the Union Army, doing whatever they needed her to do. She worked as nurse and cook, among other things.
1863 Harriet leads a raid

Under General Montgomery of the Union Army, Harriet led an armed raid the first ever by a woman and she freed over 700 slaves.
1869 Her first biography

Sarah Bradford published the first biography of Harriet's life. It was titled Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman.
1886 Her second biography

Sarah Bradford published a second biography about Harriet Tubman. It was called Harriet Tubman, the Moses of her People.
1913 Harriet's death

Harriet died a hero. People around the country remembered her for her brave acts of selflessness helping others get their freedom.