History of Animation Timeline
Timeline Description: Today the use of television and movies is as common as breathing, but it wasn't always that way. The animation industry began less than 150 years ago, but it has grown into a hugely popular pastime.

Date Event
1887 The start of it all

A man named H.W. Goodwin invented a celluloid film which could hold images. It was made of gum cotton and gum camphor.
1892 An early moving-picture production

A man in France named Emil Reynaud opened a theatre using an invention called the Praxinoscope. It used turning mirrors to reflect images and produce a 10 to 15 minute "moving picture."
1893 Thomas Edison's Kinetoscope

Using the celluloid film developed by H.W. Goodwin, Edison was able to produce moving film pictures on the wall. The film moved over a series of wheels to produce the pictures.
1899 Sound is captured

Using a magnetic recording device, sound was recorded for the first time. Animation enthusiasts would latch onto the technology.
1900 The Enchanted Drawing

A man named James Stuart Blackton used animation techniques to produce a short film. It documented the drawing process of characters, without ever showing the artist; this made it seem that the drawings simply appeared.
1908 The first official animated film

A Frenchman name Emile Cohl produced a film called "Fantasmagorie." It was a hit, and is known today as the first true animated film.
1914 Gertie the Dinosaur

This short animation film became popular quickly. It was created by Windsor McCay.
1915 A patent on the process

A man named John Bray developed and patented a streamlined process for creating animated films. He tried, unsuccessfully, to force other companies to use his designs.
1920 Felix the Cat

A man named Otto Messmer, who had been working in animation for a few years, created a character named Felix the Cat. Felix was very successful and even ended up including dolls and watches.
1922 Laugh-O-Grams

Twenty-year-old Walt Disney began his first animation film studio called Laugh-O-Grams. It failed after only a short time.
1928 Steamboat Willie

Walt Disney didn't give up on making animated films. In 1928 he released a short film called Steamboat Willie featuring Mickey Mouse and using sound for the first time, and it was an instant hit.
1930 Warner Bros. Studio is born

Looney Tunes was supposed to be a spin off on the Silly Symphonies produced by Disney. It soon took on a life of its own and became very popular.
1930 Other popular charters

Throughout the 1930's, several now-iconic characters were created. This included Betty Boop, Popeye the Sailor, and Daffy Duck.
1932 New technologies

Walt Disney developed the use of 3-strip Technicolor animation. In 1935, Len Lye created a method of painting directly on film strips; he used it in his animated film "Color Box."
1937 The first full-length film

Walt Disney produced the first ever full-length animated film. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was a major hit.
1940 Iconic characters grow

The next decade brought several new popular characters to life. This included Woody Woodpecker, Mighty Mouse, and Tom and Jerry.
1972 Computer generated movies

At the University of Utah, and man named Ed Catmull developed a method of creating computer generated movies. It used scripting language.
1993 3-D and beyond

Apple computer company produced a method for creating 3-D films, and in 1995 Toy Story was released as the first full-length 3-D film. The animation industry would never be the same.