Internet Timeline Timeline
Timeline Description: The internet has changed the way people work and play. You can find almost anything you need, and you can connect with people across the world. This timeline will show you how it came to be.

Date Event
1836 The telegraph

The telegraph was the first method of sending messages across a distance via wires. The continents are still connected by wires today.
1876 The invention of the telephone

Phones use modems, and modems are the backbone of the internet today. The telephone paved the way for better communication.
1957 Sputnik is launched

Sputnik was the first satellite put into space. It is through satellites that wireless communications first became possible.
1962 Networks developed

The military came up with a way to send information in tiny packets via the satellites and cables. This kept their information safer.

ARPANET was invented to help the government communicate within its own departments. In the beginning there were only four locations that had it.
1971 Email was invented

By 1971 there were about 15 locations that were using ARPANET. Email was invented so these locations could send messages back and forth.
1972 First large scale trial

The first large-scale displays of internet took place. They demonstrated the internet working between forty computers.
1973 Global networking takes place

The ARPANET locations in America connected with a computer in London, England.
1974 The first public internet

Telenet was the first company to market the internet to the public. They could communicate with others in the network.
1979 Discussion groups

Now that people could "talk" to others around the world, the internet discussion group was born.
1983 Other networks come into play

Other groups developed their own networks so that people now had a choice which network they would be a part of.
1991 The World Wide Web developed

Tim Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web. Now you no longer had to be part of a network; you could connect with anyone on the web.
1992 Surfing the net

This phrase was developed by Jean Armour Polly.
1996 Internet convention

the first Internet Convention took place.
1996 Portable internet

Nokia developed a portable phone that had internet capabilities. This started the trend of small, portable devices that could connect you with people anywhere, anytime.