Jackie Robinson Timeline
Timeline Description: Jackie Robinson was born in a time when African-Americans had little freedom. He pushed against the injustices he was dealt and rose to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This is a timeline of his life and achievements.

Date Event
January 31, 1919 Jackie Robinson was born

He was born in Cairo, Georgia, to Mallie and Jerry Robinson.
1920 Jackie moved to California

At the age of one, his family moved to Pasadena, California, where he stayed for many years.
1938 Jackie participated in the JC Track Championship

He set a national record in the broad jump.
1941 Jackie attended UCLA

He excelled in sports while there. This was where he met his wife, Rachel.
1942 Jackie joined the army

He fought in World War 2, where he was eventually honorably discharged.
1945 Jackie joined the Kansas City Monarchs

This was a Negro American League baseball team. From there he was drafted by the Montreal Royals, and then signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers.
1946 Jackie was the first African

American to play professional baseball-Many teams threatened to strike rather than play against Jackie Robinson.
1947 Jackie played in his first major league game

The fans and even other teammates made fun of him, but he did well. He won the Rookie of the Year award.
1949 Jackie played in the All Stars

Joining with a few other African-American men, they played in the first All Star game that included African-Americans.
1955 Dodgers won their first World Championship

Jackie and his teammates played against the Yankees and won four games.
1957 Jackie retired from baseball

After ten years of playing for the Dodgers, winning six pennants and one World Series, Jackie moved on to work with the NAACP.
1962 Hall of fame

Jackie was inducted into baseball's Hall of Fame. It was a crowning achievement!
October 24, 1972 Jackie died

He was 53 years old.
1973 The Jackie Robinson Foundation was founded

It provided scholarships to those without enough funds to go to college.
1984 UCLA's Hall of Fame

Jackie Robinson was inducted into UCLA's Hall of Fame. He was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
2004 Jackie Robinson Day

Jackie Robinson Day was established. Major League Baseball established this day to honor one of their greatest players.
2005 Congressional Gold Medal

Jackie was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. He had made such an impact on people that even in his death he was remembered.