John Adams Timeline
Timeline Description: John Adams was the second president of the United States of America. He had big shoes to fill, since he came after George Washington! This is a timeline of his presidency and life.

Date Event
1735 John Adams was born

Mr. Adams was born in Massachusetts on October 30.
1763 John begins his writing career

Mr. Adams was a man of great opinions. He began writing for local newspapers under a false name to help spread his views.
1764 John gets married

Mr. Adams got married to his sweetheart, a woman named Abigail Smith. They had five children.
1774 John becomes part of the first Continental Congress

The young country of America formed slowly over the years, and as the War for Independence got underway, the colonists formed the First Continental Congress. John was a delegate.
1777 A visit to France

Mr. Adams was chosen to go to France. He was to negotiate a treaty of alliance with them.
1780 Mr. Adams works as an ambassador

John Adams worked to get America recognized as an independent nation.
1782 John Adams as a peace negotiator

Once the War for Independence was over, Mr. Adams worked on a commission to get peace between America and Great Britain.
1789 Mr. Adams becomes the vice-president

America now had a president in George Washington. Mr. Adams was his right hand man.
1796 John Adams becomes America's second president

John Adams came into office after George Washington. Mr. Washington died the next year.
1798 The US Navy is born

Mr. Adams began the US Navy as a precaution in case more war ever came.
1798 Mr. Adams worked to limit the courts

The US adopted the 11th Constitutional Amendment, which limited the power of the federal court.
1800 Mr. Adams loses the next election

In the next presidential election, Mr. Adams was beat by Thomas Jefferson.
1812 Mr. Adams and Mr. Jefferson talk

The president and former president began writing letters to each other, and it continued until they both died within the same 24 hours in 1826.
1825 Mr. John Adams' son become president

John Adams' son, John Quincy Adams, became America's 6th president. He also served one term.
1826 John Adams dies

John Adams died in his home at the age of 91. His presidency was marked by good leadership in a young and searching nation, and his legacy of determination and bravery lives on in the American spirit.