John Tyler Timeline
Timeline Description: John Tyler was America's tenth president. He was elected as vice-president, and he became president when President Harrison died in office. His biggest accomplishment was making Texas a state.

Date Event
1790 John Tyler is born

John was born in Virginia to a wealthy, political family. His family was friends with former president William Henry Harrison's family, so the fact that they ran for president together was no surprise.
1807 Tyler's education

John attended the College of William and Mary, which was the same college the others in his family had attended since it was established. He studied law and became a lawyer by the age 19.
1813 The War of 1812

The War of 1812 broke out with the British, and John Tyler was very active in opposing the British. He helped form a militia to fight them.
1816 Tyler the politician

In this year, Tyler resigned from practicing law in order to join Virginia's Governor Council of State. This was his first move toward his political career.
1817 Elected to the US House of Representatives

Technically, Mr. Tyler began his career in the House in December of 1816, but he won his first official election the following spring when he was elected to a full term in 1817.
1820 The Missouri Compromise

During this time, Missouri was seeking to become an official state. However, Tyler voted against it because they wanted to become a state that outlawed slavery.
1825 The US Senate

Tyler bounced back and forth between state and federal political positions, and in 1825 he became the governor of Virginia. Then, in 1827, he moved on to work in the US Senate.
1832 Growing political tensions

Tyler opposed many of the politicians of his day, as a growing number moved toward federal rights instead of state rights. He helped veto the bill that tried to reopen the Second Bank of the United States, and in doing this he joined himself with President Andrew Jackson.
1836 A run for vice-president

Tyler ran as William Henry Harrison's running mate in the presidential election of 1836, but they were beat out by Martin Van Buren.
1840 The next election

Once again, Harrison and Tyler ran for office together. This time they beat out Martin Van Buren, and John Tyler found himself the Vice-President of the United States of America.
1841 The President!

Only a few months after the election, President Harrison died of pneumonia. Tyler became president.
1841 The Presidency (1841-1845)

Many people argued at first whether or not Tyler should be president, but the entire situation paved the way for how the death of a president should be handled. It spurred the 25th Amendment, which detailed the actions that should be taken upon a president's death.
1842 Impeachment!

For the first time in history, the House of Representatives tried to impeach a president. The people were generally unhappy with the way Tyler's presidency was going, and they wanted to end it. They were unsuccessful.
1845 The Annexation of Texas

Shortly before Tyler left office, he accomplished what he is most well-known for during his presidency—the annexation of Texas, making it an official state. Tyler left office shortly after that.
1861 A Confederate Supporter

At the beginning of the Civil War, Tyler supported the South's succession from the Union, saying he supported state's rights. He died a year later, and his death was not recognized by the White House because of his support of the Confederacy.