Martin Van Buren Timeline
Timeline Description: Martin Van Buren was America's eighth president. He was also the eighth vice president, under President Andrew Jackson. He was the first President to be born an American instead of born during British rule.

Date Event
1782 Martin Van Buren is born

Martin was born in a small village in New York. He was the first president to be born as an American, instead of as a citizen under British rule.
1803 Van Buren the lawyer

Martin's family was not a wealthy one, and he had to work hard in order to get an education. He was admitted to the bar as a lawyer at the age of twenty-one.
1808 Getting into politics

Mr. Van Buren was involved in political affairs from the age of seventeen, but he officially began his political career as a surrogate in New York in 1808. He changed political parties often, though, causing him to be removed from many groups.
1812 The State Senate

In 1812, Van Buren moved on to work in the New York State Senate, and then the New York Attorney General in 1815.
1817 The Voting Game

Van Buren began working with other politicians to streamline political voting. They invented systems and requirements to simplify the process.
1821 The US Senate

Mr. Van Buren moved on to work in the US Senate, but his loyalties continued to change. He often came out as against something, only to change his mind a year later.
January 1829 New York Governor

Martin Van Buren continued gaining support, in spite of his wishy-washy beliefs. He began his term as New York governor in 1829.
March 1829 The vice Presidency

Mr. Van Buren resigned the office of governor only two short months after he began. He moved on to work as the Secretary of State under President Andrew Jackson, and later as vice-president in 1832.
1836 President!

In the 1836 election, Martin Van Buren ran for president with the support of President Andrew Jackson. He had a fairly easy victory and began his term in 1837.
1837 The Panic of 1837

An unexpected depression hit America shortly after Van Buren became president. The depression lasted for five years and included the failure of banks and loss of jobs; many people blamed Van Buren.
1837 No State for Texas

When the Texas territory requested to join the United States, President Van Buren denied their request to become an American state.
1840 An Independent Treasury

During the depression, Van Buren secured the US Treasury by making it independent. This meant the treasury would be in control of all federal money.
1840 Van Buren loses the Presidency

During the next presidential election, the people blamed Van Buren for the depression in the country. He lost the election to William Henry Harrison.
1844 Another try at the Presidency

Van Buren tried running for office once again in the 1844 election, but he could not get enough votes and lost again. He finally retired to his home village in New York.
1862 Martin Van Buren dies

After retiring to New York, Mr. Van Buren died of asthma and heart failure. He was seventy-nine years old, and he was buried in his home village.