Richard Nixon Timeline
Timeline Description: Richard Nixon was the 37th American president. His early term in the White House was known for bringing the nation together after he ended the Vietnam War. His presidency ended in resignation, though, after the scandalous Watergate fiasco.

Date Event
1913 Richard Nixon is born

Richard was born in to a strict conservative home in California. He had four brothers.
1940 Marriage

After meeting Pat Ryan at a theater production, Richard fell in love. He and Pat married and had two children.
1942 Richard fights in World War II

During the first part of the war, Richard worked toward the war effort in the United States. However, he soon enlisted in the Navy and went to the South Pacific.
1950 The US Senate

When the war ended and Richard returned home, he decided to run for the senate. He won the election by a large margin.
1953 Vice President

Dwight D. Eisenhower won the presidential election with Nixon as his running mate. When President Eisenhower had a stroke in 1955, Nixon took over his presidential duties until he had recovered.
1960 A run for the presidency

Having had a taste of the presidency, Nixon ran for president in 1960. However, he ran against the popular John F. Kennedy, and he lost the election.
1968 A second run for president

Believing he had a better chance of winning this time around. Richard once again ran for president. This time he won the election.
1969 President!

Nixon was sworn in as the 37th president of the United States of America. He intended to spend his presidency ending conflict and bringing peace.
1969 The Moon Landing

One of the greatest happenings during President Nixon's term was that of the moon landing. America's space program launched Neil Armstrong into space, and he became the first man to walk on the moon.
1972 Peace negotiations

Tensions with China and the Soviet Union had been high. Nixon was able to negotiate peace deals with these countries and end the strife.
1973 An end to the Vietnam War

The Paris Peace Accords were signed in 1973. The ended the fighting in Vietnam and allowed American soldiers to come home.
1973 Second presidential term

Nixon's second term began just as the Paris Peace Accords were being negotiated. He won the election by a landslide, with over 60% of the vote.
1973 The Watergate Scandal

Claims arose that President Nixon and his administration had been up to illegal activity. They were accused of sabotaging Democratic elections and harassing groups whose views differed from Nixon's.
1974 Nixon Resigns

Nixon tried denying his involvement in the scandals, but it was eventually proven that he was involved. He resigned from office because he was sure he would be impeached otherwise.
1994 President Nixon's death

Nixon continued in public life, and he also wrote several books after leaving the White House. He died in good standing with the country when he had a stroke at the age of 81.
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