Roberto Gomez Bolanos Timeline
Timeline Description: Roberto is a world-famous children's actor who helped shape the face of television and film. He is most famous for his nickname, Chespirito, which means Little Shakespeare.

Date Event
February 21, 1929 Roberto is born

Roberto was born in Mexico City, Mexico, to a middle-class family. He studied engineering when he grew older.
1958 A musician

Roberto's first job in the arts was as a musical composer and writer. He began writing music in 1958 and continued through 1984.
1960 Roberto the writer

In spite of studying engineering, Roberto began writing screenplays and scripts for TV. Two of the top shows in Mexico during that time were written by him.
1968 A new career

While waiting in line to apply for a writing job, Roberto was approached about acting. He quickly accepted the job.
1968 Roberto's first show

Los Supergenios de la Mesa Cuadrada was Roberto's first comedy show on the air. He was given a 30 minute time slot to fill however he wanted.
1972 New characters and shows

His children's shows were a hit, and over the next few years Roberto was given more time for his lovable characters. During this time he introduced El Chavo and El Chapulin, two of his most famous characters.
1979 Another show

Roberto was given another show featuring La Chicharra. However, it never caught on and was short lived.
1980 Another try

Taking advantage of another shot, Roberto created a second version of himself, Chespirito. It ran on air for several years.
1988 Movies on the big screen

Besides his famous children's shows, Roberto also wrote, produced, or acted in multiple movies. He began in 1960, and his final movie was released in 1988.
1995 End of a dynasty

Roberto's famous children's shows continued filming in Mexico for almost 30 years. His final show filmed in 1995, though reruns are still watched today.
2003 Awards and recognitions

Love for Roberto's work did not die out with the end of his shows. He was awarded the keys to the city of Cicero, Illinois; and Mexico released a series of stamps in his honor.
2004 Marriage at last

Roberto had remained unmarried for all of his life. In 2004 he married his sweetheart, Florinda Meza, after 27 years together.
2006 An animated series

El Chavo del 8, an animated cartoon version of Roberto's famous show, was released in 2006. It continues airing in Latin America today.
2009 Honors and health scares

Roberto was honored on air by Columbian TV, and he received keys to the city of Soacha. Later that year he was admitted to the hospital.
2012 Putting an end to the rumors

While his fans believed he was deathly ill, Roberto was doing quite well. His friends and family threw a party in his honor to ease the fans' worries; he continues doing well today at the age of 85.