Russian Revolution Timeline
Timeline Description: The Russian Revolution of 1917 was a changing point for all of history. It is a story of changing powers in the modern days. This timeline shows what happened and how.

Date Event
1894 Czar Nicholas is crowned

After his father, Czar Alexander III, died, Nicholas II became Czar over all of Russia.
1895 Vladmir Lenin is exiled

Lenin's brother had been killed a few years before for trying to kill Czar Nicholas' father. Lenin wanted to take over power from Nicholas, and he was arrested and exiled from Russia.
1903 The Russian Social-Democrat Labor Party meets

At the meeting the people were split into two groups. Some supported Lenin, and others supported a different leader.
1905 A revolution breaks out

A revolution broke out in St. Petersburg, but Czar Nicholas quickly put an end to it. The day was called Bloody Sunday.
1908 Rasputin is introduced into the aristocracy

Rasputin called himself a holy man and a healer, and he helped heal Czar Nicholas' sick son. Still, Rasputin wasn't a good man, and many in Russia hated him, putting the people at odds with the Czar.
1914 WWI begins

World War I began and the following year, Czar Nicholas took command of the Russian Army.
1916 Rasputin is killed

The plan to kill Rasputin seemed simple, but it took a lot of work to finally kill him.
February 1917 Another revolution begins

The people were unhappy with Czar Nicholas' rule of the country. They began protests and strikes, refusing to do their work.
March 1917 Czar Nicholas tries to step down

Nicholas tried to give up his throne and let his brother take over, but his brother refused. Other Russian aristocrats tried to make a temporary government.
July 1917 Vladmir Lenin tries to take over

Lenin came out of exile and tried to take over the temporary government, but he was chased back into hiding.
October 1917 Lenin succeeds in taking over

Lenin still led the split political party of the Russian Social-Democrat Labor Party, and his party soon moved in and took control of Russia.
1918 Russia backs out of WWI

Lenin signed a treaty, taking Russia out of WWI. Later that year he had Czar Nicholas and his family killed.
March 1918 The Communist Party is developed

Lenin changed the name of his political party to the Communist Party.
1922 The USSR is established

Lenin helped establish the United Soviet Socialists Republic, a communist country. He worked with Joseph Stalin.
1924 Vladmir Lenin dies

After Lenin died, Joseph Stalin took over his rule. He would rule for many years to come. The Russian revolution changed Russia and all of history, introducing communism into the modern world. However, communism didn't catch on as Lenin and Stalin had hoped. Instead, demo