Rutherford B. Hayes Timeline
Timeline Description: Rutherford B. Hayes was the nineteenth American President. His election is one of the most debated victories in American presidential history. He served only one term.

Date Event
1822 Rutherford is born

Rutherford was born in Ohio shortly after his family moved there. His father died before he was born, and he was raised by his mother.
1836 Rutherford attends Seminary

Rutherford's early schooling involved many common schools, and when he was fourteen he enrolled in a Seminary in Ohio. He studied Latin and Greek.
1843 Harvard Law

Rutherford went on to study at Kenyon College and finally Harvard. He studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1845.
1850 Cincinnati and a law practice

Rutherford moved to Cincinnati and opened a joint law practice. While there, he met Lucy Webb who would later become his wife.
1858 City Solicitor

The first public office Hayes held was that of City Solicitor in Cincinnati. He held the position until the Civil War began in 1861.
1861 The Civil War

Rutherford joined the northern army and fought for the Union during the Civil War. He was wounded in battle.
September 1861 A War Hero

Hayes fought in many war battles during the Civil War. Some of the more well-known battles included the Second Battle of Bull Run and the Valley Campaign of 1864.
1865 Congress!

After the war, Mr. Hayes was nominated by friends for the office in Congress. He accepted the nomination and won the election, even though he didn't campaign due to fighting in the war.
1867 Ohio Governor

Hayes was soon elected Governor of Ohio. He served there for almost ten years.
1869 Civil work as governor

While acting as governor in Ohio, Mr. Hayes worked diligently toward civil services. He opened schools for the deaf as well as for troubled girls, and he also fought for the rights of the former slaves.
1876 The Presidential Election

After accepting the nomination for president candidate, Hayes ran for president. However, his campaign didn't go well, and he thought he would lose.
1877 President!

On the day of the election, early counts at the voting polls indicated Hayes had lost. By the end of the night it appeared he had won, but no one believed it and the re-counting went on for months.
1879 Southern Reconstruction

The effects of the Civil War on the south were great. President Hayes' greatest desire was to restore them to good standing, and he worked diligently while president to get them back on their feet.
1881 Retirement

President Hayes had told the people early on that he planned to serve only one term, so at the end of his first four years he retired. Hayes and his family moved back home to Ohio.
1893 President Hayes dies

After moving back to Ohio, Hayes lived several more years with his family in his home state. He passed away at the age of 71.