Susanna Dickinson Timeline
Timeline Description: Susanna Dickinson was a Texas woman in the early days of Texas. She is known now as "Messenger of the Alamo" for her bravery and intelligence during the Battle for the Alamo.

Date Event
1814 Susanna is born

Susanna was born sometime in 1814 in Tennessee. Records show the date as January 1, but the exact date is actually unknown.
May 1829 Susanna gets married

At the age of fifteen, Susanna found herself getting married. She married Almaron Dickinson, and officially became Susanna Dickinson.
1835 The Texas Revolution

Susanna's husband joined a group of volunteer militants, and the family moved to San Antonio, Texas. The Mexican government was moving further and further away from democracy, and the Dickinson's wanted to take a stand.
February 1836 The Dickinsons move again

Susanna and her family moved again, this time to the fort at Alamo. They lived just outside the Alamo with the Ruiz family.
February 23, 1836 Battle of the Alamo

The Mexican troops attacked the unprepared troops at the Alamo. Susanna took her infant daughter and hid from the troops inside a church.
March 5, 1836 A break from the fighting

For several days, the Mexican and Texas armies battled nonstop. On the evening of March 5, the fighting stopped. Susanna and the others welcomed the rest.
March 6, 1836 Attack

Early that morning, the Mexican troops attacked at full throttle. They took the Texans by surprise; Susanna later recalled Davy Crockett stopping by the chapel where she hid, in order to pray.
March 7, 1836 Survivors

The soldiers of the Alamo had all been killed in the battle, and all that remained were the women and children. Susanna was among them, and when the Mexican troops offered to take her and her infant back to Mexico, she refused.
March 13, 1836 The march to Gonzales

Susanna and the other survivors marched toward safety and away from the Mexican army. They arrived in Gonzales after a week, and told the tale of the Alamo.
March 13, 1836 The Runaway Scrape

Once Susanna had told Commander Sam Houston of the attack on the Alamo, Houston ordered an evacuation. Texans fled to the east to escape the advancing Mexican army.
April 1836 Battle of San Jacinto

After the Texans fled, they regrouped under Sam Houston. Sam eventually led them in a victorious battle over the Mexican army in the battle of San Jacinto; Susanna became known as the Messenger of the Alamo.
1837 A new marriage

Susanna's life became tumultuous after escaping the Alamo. She remarried in 1837, but divorced soon after. She remarried three more times over the next few years.
1883 Susanna's death

At the age of 68, Susanna Dickinson passed away. She was buried in Austin, TX.
1949 A tribute to Susanna

In order to remember her bravery at the Alamo, the state of Texas decided to honor Susanna Dickinson. They placed a memorial marble slab at her grave.
2010 Messenger of the Alamo

Susanna was further honored in 2010, when the state of Texas opened a museum in her name. The museum is inside Susanna's former home with her fifth and final husband, Joseph Manning.