The Bronze Age Timeline
Timeline Description: The Bronze Age was a period of time between the Stone Age and the Iron Age when bronze was used widely to make tools, weapons, and other implements. Bronze is made when copper is heated and mixed with tin, creating a stronger metal than copper.

Date Event
3700 BC The Bronze Age (About 3700 BC to about 500 BC)

The Bronze Age starts at different areas of the world at different times. The knowledge of how to mix the copper and tin moves slowly from place to place, plus many areas have no tin and/or copper to make the new metal.
3769 BC Near and Middle East (About 3769 BC)

Bronze is already in use at this time. No one knows exactly where or how bronze was first discovered. By around 3500 BC, farm tools and weapons are being made of this new metal in these areas.
3500 BC Bronze Age begins in Bohemia (3500 BC to 3001 BC).

Bronze is being used in the Mediterranean and Eastern European areas. This new metal is expensive to make, plus a craftsman is needed to make this new alloy.
2500 BC Indus Valley (About 2500 BC)

The Indus Valley civilization in present day India is a large early trading center. Bronze tools, weapons, statuary, jewelry, and even toys have been discovered from this time period.
2400 BC China (About 2400 BC)

The Longshan people of China live from around 3000 BC to 2400 BC. Toward the end of this period they are using bronze to make tools and weapons.
2300 BC Europe (About 2300 BC)

The Bronze Age starts about 2300 BC in Europe. Few tools are made in the beginning, but by 1200 BC bronze has replaced all stone tools.
2000 BC Britain (About 2000 BC)

Bronze starts to be worked in Britain. Eventually they will make such items as axeheads, knives, spearheads, razors, and swords. The vast use of bronze continues to about 500 BC.
1700 BC Yellow River Valley (About 1700 BC or so)

The Shang Dynasty of China uses bronze regularly. They even set up bronze-working communities. Around 1200 BC Lady Hao, the wife of King Wuding, dies and is buried with many items for the afterlife including bronze vessels, armor, bells, tools, knives, and tigers.
1650 BC Mycenaean Civilization (About 1650 BC)

The Mycenaean civilization, located in present-day Greece, used bronze until about 1100 BC. The southern coastal community of Phylos had 400 laborers for their bronze-working industry.
1640 BC Egypt (About 1640 BC)

The Egyptians didn't have bronze until they were invaded by the Hyksos around 1640 BC. The Hyksos brought chariots and weapons made from bronze.
1500 BC Start of the Middle Bronze Age (About 1500 BC)

Bronze is starting to be found in Western Europe. The undeveloped areas of Northern Europe don't use bronze until about 1000 BC.
1250 BC Alps and Central and Eastern Europe (About 1250 BC)

Around this time bronze swords and helmets are made in these areas.
1122 BC Yellow River Area, China (About 1122 BC to 221 BC)

After the defeat of the Shang Dynasty, the Chou Dynasty continues to use bronze-working techniques until iron is introduced after 770 BC.
1000 BC Korea (About 1000 BC)

The Chinese are the ones who eventually introduce bronze-working to the Koreans around 1000 BC.
300 BC Japan (About 300 BC)

The Japanese were using bronze and iron tools at this time that may have been brought over from south Korea. Though it developed slowly the Bronze Age was a tremendous time of technological advancement that helped early civilizations flourish and expand.