Thomas Edison Timeline
Timeline Description: Thomas Edison was a famed inventor. One of his biggest inventions was his method of harnessing electricity. This is a timeline of his life and achievements.

Date Event
1847 Thomas Edison is born

Thomas Edison was born in Ohio on February 11. His family later moved to Michigan.
1859 Thomas sets up one of his first chemistry labs

As a boy, Thomas Edison worked with the Grand Trunk Railroad. He set up his very own chemistry lab on board the train.
1867 Thomas Edison begins his first of many experiments

Throughout the Civil War Thomas worked as a wire operator. He became familiar with the telegraph instruments and started experimenting with them.
1868 Thomas Edison files his first patent

After beginning work with Western Union, Thomas invented an automatic vote recorder. He filed his very first patent for this machine.
1870 Edison becomes a full time inventor

He moved to New Jersey and used all of his money and time to work on new inventions. He invented several stock market machines during this time.
1871 Thomas Edison gets married to Mary Stillwell

Mary was one of Thomas's employees in New Jersey. They were married on Christmas Day.
1874 A new invention for Western Union

Thomas invented a new telegraph system for Western Union that could send four telegraphs at once.
1875 Edison invents the first version of a copy machine

Thomas called his invention the electric pen. It was an early form of a copy machine.
1877 Thomas invents the phonograph

Thomas invented the phonograph, which played music. He later improved the phonograph, and made it cheap enough for the general public to afford.
1877 The carbon transmitter is invented

Thomas Edison invented the carbon transmitter, which was used in the telephone and helped it work much better. The carbon discovery helped pave the way for Edison's most well-known invention.
1879 Edison invents the carbon-powered lamp

Using the power of carbon, Edison invented a lamp that lit without the use of oil and fire.
1880 Edison works toward widespread electricity

Thomas opened an industrial park to figure out how to spread electricity to the public.
1883 Electricity goes public

Edison moved across the east, helping cities to install electricity for the people.
1892 General Electric is established

Thomas Edison merged his electric company with The Thomson-Houston Company to form General Electric.
1900 Thomas Edison invents the battery

Thomas began working on a way to store energy for use when electricity wasn't available. He eventually came up with the battery.
1931 Thomas Edison dies

Thomas Edison died on October 18, and the country dimmed their lights in his honor on the day of his funeral. Thomas's inventions changed the way our world worked, and he gave us some of our most prized conveniences-electricity, batteries, and even a way to listen to music!
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