War of 1812 Timeline
Timeline Description: The War of 1812 came several years after the American Revolution, but it was fought because America and England still couldn't get along. This is a timeline of those events.

Date Event
1803 Great Britain begins forcing Americans to labor

For more than 10 years British ships took Americans and made them work on British ships. They took almost 10,000 men.
1806 The Americans find out what the British are doing

An American named James Monroe found out what the British ships were doing. He tried to find a resolution.
1806 Britain takes over several American ships

While sailing in neutral waters, British ships took over 1000 American ships. They claimed the Americans were trading with France, who the English had blockaded.
1807 The British fire on the Americans

The British ship, Leopard, fired on America's Chesapeake. The news spread quickly and it caused many people to be unhappy.
1812 America declares war on Great Britain

When the Americans had enough, they declared war on the English. It was called The Second American Revolution.
August 1812 The Americans lose the first battle

The Americans lost Fort Mackinac to the British.
1812 A victory for the Americans

A US ship, the USS Constitution, defeated the British ship, the HMS Guerriere.
January 1813 The Battle of Frenchtown

A battle in Kentucky resulted in many deaths and a British win. The Americans who survived were killed in the Raisin River Massacre.
April 1813 The Americans take York

The American soldiers had been trying to invade Canada, and they finally succeeded in taking the Great Lakes. From there they took the British stronghold of York.
October 1813 More United States victories

Over the months there were several battles fought and won by the American troops.
1814 The British make a plan of attack

The British troops knew they had to make a big move to win the war. Their plans failed, though, when they were turned back in Baltimore.
August 1814 The Brits burn Washington D.C.

The British troops broke through into Washington D.C. They burned the city and caused the President to flee the city.
September 1814 Another victory for the Americans

The fighting continued and the US took Lake Champlain in a large battle. The win secured their northern troops.
December 1814 The Treaty of Ghent

The British and Americans agreed to stop the fighting. They signed the treaty and tried to go back to the way things were.
January 1815 One last battle is fought

The final battle in the war was the Battle of New Orleans. Andrew Jackson led the victory, and it eventually helped him win the presidency.