Warren G. Harding Timeline
Timeline Description: Warren Harding was the 29th president of the United States. He was elected at the end of World War I. His biggest campaign promise was to return to country to normal after the war.

Date Event
1865 Warren G. Harding is born

Warren was born in Ohio. His mother was a midwife and his father did many things including teaching and farming.
1875 The Argus

When Warren's father bought the Argus, a local newspaper, Harding began working with him. He learned the basics of journalism, which would prepare him for his career choice in adulthood.
1882 College education

Warren went on to attend Ohio Central College. During this time he also worked at a local newspaper called the Union Register.
1886 The Star

After trying various occupations the way his father had, Warren raised enough money to buy a failing newspaper. He took the newspaper and made it successful again.
1891 Marriage

Over the years, Warren engaged in many fights with other local papers. He eventually married one of his enemy's daughters, Florence Kling DeWolfe.
1899 A political career

Harding had gained a talent at public speaking, and he eventually ran for the Ohio State Senate. It was his first public office.
1903 A run for governor

Harding announced that he would be running for governor. He was unsuccessful in gaining followers, but he was named Lieutenant Governor.
1907 Family Ties

After marrying his rival's daughter, Harding and his wife didn't speak with her father for seven years. In 1907 they rekindled their relationship, invigorating Harding and causing him to return to his newspaper business with excitement.
1912 Advancement in politics

Harding continued advancing his career politically. In 1912 he was invited to give the nominating speech for the presidential election for President Taft.
1915 US Senate

Shortly after the outbreak of World War I in Europe, Harding was elected to the US Senate. He served as Senator until his presidential election six years later.
1920 Presidential election

With the war having ended the year before, the country was ready to go back to "normal" life. Harding promised to bring normalcy back to America, and his campaigning worked.
March 1921 President!

One of Harding's most known accomplishments during his term was establishing of the Bureau of Veteran's Affairs. It offered a way to help the people who had served the country during war, which had always been a problem.
October 1921 Civil Rights

Harding was a man who believed in freedom and equality for all. He was the first president to openly support equal rights in all areas for African Americans, and he gave a speech in Birmingham, AL, stating this.
1922 Radio

A war over the air waves became a major concern during Harding's presidency, and eventually regulations were put in place in 1923. Harding was the first president to have a radio in his office.
1923 President Harding dies

President Harding began a tour around the country in preparation for the upcoming election. While on the tour, though, he suffered some type of stroke and died suddenly.