William Howard Taft Timeline
Timeline Description: William Howard Taft was the 27th American president. He was the only president to serve both as president and also as a Chief Justice of the United States. He served one term in the White House.

Date Event
1857 William Taft's birth

William was in a long line of presidents who were born in Ohio. He came from a powerful family, including his father who served as Secretary of War under President Ulysses S. Grant.
1878 Yale College

William attended Woodward High School and later Yale College. He graduated second in his class before moving on to law school.
1882 Career Beginnings

Taft began his career as Assistant Prosecutor of Hamlin County. In 1882 he was appointed local Collector of Internal Revenue.
1886 Marriage

Taft's life continued its course when he married Helen Herron. They had been long-time sweethearts.
1887 Supreme Court

Taft's road to success seemed to move at a quick pace. He was appointed a Supreme Court Judge of Cincinnati before moving on the Solicitor General of the United States under President Harrison.
1900 Work in the Philippines

Taft began work in the Philippines under President McKinley. His work continued when he was appointed Governor-General of the Philippines.
1904 Secretary of War

President Roosevelt appointed Taft to Secretary of War. They had an agreement that would advance both of their careers in the presidency and the Supreme Court.
1906 Tensions with Cuba

Rumors of war spread across the world as Japan, Russia, and even Cuba worked through problem. The US stepped in and occupied Cuba, and Taft became the temporary governor of Cuba.
1908 Presidential Election

Taft was firm in his desire to work toward the US Supreme Court. However, President Roosevelt insisted he would make a fine president, and he won the nomination.
1909 President!

President Taft began his first term without and fanfare. In fact, the press often complained that he didn't appear often enough for them to interview.
1912 Chamber of Commerce

After fighting over tariffs and going to battle with the big railroad companies, President Taft decided to create a way to aid business as well as the country. He created the Chamber of Commerce.
1913 The Sixteenth Amendment

With continuing issues regarding taxes and big business, President Taft worked into the law the sixteenth amendment. It charged a tax new tax on large corporations.
1913 A second term for president

President Taft ran for a second term as president. However, the enemies he had made while in the White House worked against him, and he was badly defeated.
1921 US Supreme Court

Eight years after leaving the White House, Taft was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Harding. It had always been Taft's dream, and he accepted readily.
1930 Taft's death

Taft retired from the Supreme Court in February. In March, he passed away.