Byzantine Empire Timeline
Timeline Description: The Byzantine Empire lasted for over a thousand years, and it was home to the largest and most powerful empire in the world. This is a timeline of its history.

Date Event
667 B.C. Byzantine was founded

According to legend the ancient city of Byzantium was founded by Megarian colonists.
27 B.C. The Romans come into rule

The Roman Empire was one of the most powerful rules in the history of mankind.
330 A.D. Byzantium becomes the capital

Constantine, the Roman leader, made Byzantium the capital city of the Roman Empire. He changed the name to Constantinople.
395 The Empire is split in half

After the death of Theodosius, the Byzantine Empire was split in half. It had western and eastern kingdoms.
527 An Emperor is crowned

Justinian I was crowned and he quickly expanded the Empire.
568 The loss of the Italian provinces

After a battle with the Lombards, the Byzantine Empire lost most of their lands in Italy. Many battles followed over the years and they lost much more land in Africa.
843 A slight revival of the Empire

When the Macedonian Dynasty stepped into rule, the Byzantine Empire started gaining back some of their lands. They had a revival of their greatness for 200 years.
1018 Bulgaria is conquered

The Byzantines conquered Bulgaria and the Balkans.
1025 Basil II dies, and the empire falls apart

When the emperor, Basil II, died, he passed his kingdom along. The next ruled didn't do well, and things began to fall apart.
1081 The Byzantines participate in the Crusades

Alexios I became the emperor and he took his people into the Crusades in Jerusalem.
1097 Antioch is taken from the Turks

The Byzantines took Antioch from the Turkish armies, and later they took Hungary.
1185 The Bulgarians rebel

The Bulgarians set up a rebellion against the Byzantines, and they won back their independence.
1204 Constantinople is captured

During the 4th Crusade the capital city of Constantinople was captured, along with several other prominent cities.
1326 Other cities fall from Byzantine power

Prusia was taken by the Turks, and then in 1331 Nicaea also fell to the Turks.
1347 The Black Death kills off the Byzantine Empire

The Black death was a plague that swept through Europe and Asia. The weak empire couldn't stand against this last fatal blow.
1461 The last of the empire falls

One last Byzantine outpost held out until 1461, when it finally fell to the Turks. The Byzantine Empire and Roman rule were officially over.