3rd Grade Math

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3rd Grade Math Games

Common Core 3rd Grade Skills Practice

Addition Games for 3rd Grade

Addition Game & practice
Balance Equations Game
3 Digit Addition with Regrouping

Subtraction Games for 3rd Grade

Subtraction Game & practice
Addition and Subtraction mixed Game
Learning 3 Digit Subtraction with Regrouping

Multiplication Games for 3rd Grade

Fishing Multiplication Game
Whack a Multiplication Game
Learning Multiplication Game
Multiplication Game & Practice
Multiplication Drills Game
Multiplication Facts Games
Learning 2 Digit Multiplication

Division Games for 3rd Grade

Division game
Learning Long Division
Math Vocabulary - Division and Fractions

Mixed operations for 3rd Grade

Multiplication or Division Operations
Multiplication or Division Operations Level 2
Multiplication or Division Operations Level 3

Arithmetic Properties for 3rd Grade

Properties of Addition
Properties of Multiplication
Addition and Multiplication Properties

Telling Time Games for 3rd Grade

Telling Time Game
Calendar Game
Elapsed Time Quiz
Time Line Maker

Roman Numerals for 3rd Grade

Roman numerals
Roman numerals Practice

Fractions Games for 3rd Grade

Fractions Practice
Fractions quiz
Add and Subtract Like Fractions

Place Value Games for 3rd Grade

Find Place Value of a Number
Find Value of Underlined Digit
Place value Chart with Decimals

Prime Numbers for 3rd Grade

Prime Number Game
Prime Numbers Up To 100 Game
Prime and Composite Numbers

Word Problems for 3rd Grade

3rd grade word problems quiz
Word Problems
4th Grade Fraction Word Problems

Decimal Games for 3rd Grade

Ordering Decimals Game
Decimal Number Line

Geometry Games for 3rd Grade

Graphing Ordered Pairs
Similar and Congruency
Symmetry Games
Reflection / Flip

Graphs and Charts for 3rd Grade

Make Your Own Pictograph

Measurement Games for 3rd Grade

Ruler Games

Probablity Games for 3rd Grade

What is the Probability?
Probability 3rd grade Test
3rd grade Science
Properties of Matter Quiz
Simple Machines
Homonyms: Homophone Quiz
Rocks Quiz
Reading Comprehension
Social Studies
Pyramids of Ancient Egypt Quiz
13 Colonies
Third Grade Social Studies
3rd Grade Quiz: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Computer Related Games for 3rd Grade

Typing Games

3rd Grade Language Arts, Grammar, Phonics Games

Language Arts and Social Studies

Reading Comprehension
Splitting Compound Words Game
Spelling Games And Worksheets
Verb Worksheets
Helping Verbs Worksheets
Irregular Verbs Worksheets
Grammar Games
Grammar Quizzes
Preposition quiz
Pronoun quiz
Proper noun quiz
Adjective quiz
Adverb quiz
Punctuation quiz
Syllables: Divide the words into syllables
Singular Plural Nouns Games
Grammar- Article : A or An
Word Search Maker
All March month word games
Geography Games
Biography Quizzes
3rd Grade Geography Quizzes
Geography of Peru Quiz
Geography of Paraguay Quiz
Geography of Guyana Quiz
Geography of Ecuador Quiz
Colombia Quiz
Chile Geography Quiz
Brazil Geography Quiz
Geography of Bolivia Quiz
3rd Grade Quizzes
3rd Grade Children's Books Quizzes
Yoko Quiz
The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks Quiz
Blackout Quiz
What Do You Do With a Tail Like This Quiz
Tea with Milk Quiz
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Quiz
Owl Moon Quiz
Ivy + Bean Quiz
Hi Fly Guy Quiz
Puss in Boots Quiz
3rd Grade Biography Quizzes
Nelson Mandela Quiz
Napoleon Bonaparte Quiz
Martin Luther King Jr. Quiz
Sojourner Truth Quiz
Langston Hughes Quiz
William Shakespeare Quiz
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Quiz
George Washington Carver Quiz
Sadako Sasaki Quiz
Sojourner Truth Quiz


Dr. Seuss Timeline
Galileo Galilei Timeline
Michael Jackson Timeline
Fidel Castro Timeline
Washington State History Timeline

Animal Facts

Jean Andre Deluc Facts
Jane Goodall Facts
Jan Baptista Van Helmont Facts
James Watson Facts
James Prescott Joule Facts

3rd Grade Math Worksheets

Test Prep for Third Grade

3rd Grade Math Common Core Test Prep
3rd Grade test preparation worksheets and quizzes
3rd Grade Word Problems with Grid Ins

Addition Worksheets for Third Grade

Addition worksheets
Three Digit Addition worksheets
Four Digit Addition worksheets

Subtraction Worksheets for Third Grade

Subtraction worksheets
Addition and Subtraction mixed worksheets

Multiplication Worksheets for Third Grade

Multiplication facts puzzle maker
Multiplication worksheets
Multiplication Drills 1 -12 Worksheets
Multiplication Circle Worksheets
Multiplication Word Problems Worksheets
Interpret Products of Whole Numbers
Properties of Operations - Associative Property
Properties of Operations (Multiplication)
Multiplying with Multiples of 10 Worksheets

Division Worksheets for Third Grade

Division worksheets
Division puzzle maker
Division as Unknown Factor
Dividing Within 100
Multiply to Divide

Fractions Worksheets for Third Grade

Fractions Worksheets
Picture Fraction Worksheets
Adding Fractions Worksheets
Equivalent Fractions Worksheets
Understanding Fractions
Reducing Fractions
Representing Fractions on Number Lines (1/b)

Place Value Worksheets for Third Grade

3rd Grade Place Value Worksheets
Place value worksheets
3rd Grade Rounding Worksheets

Average Worksheets for Third Grade

Finding Average worksheets
Less than Greater than worksheets

Algebra Worksheets for Third Grade

Solve for unknown one variable equations - Algebra notation
Rounding worksheets

Roman Numeral Worksheets for Third Grade

Roman Numeral worksheets

Decimal Worksheets for Third Grade

Decimal Multiplication Worksheets

Grid Decimal Worksheets

Geometry Worksheets for Third Grade

Line Of Symmetry Worksheets
Measuring Area with Unit Squares
Finding the Perimeter of a Polygon
Finding a Missing Side Length

Measurement Worksheets for Third Grade

Number Line Worksheet
Write Numeral worksheet
Elapsed Time Word Problems Worksheets
Telling Time Word Problems
Bar Graphs
Mass and Volume Word Problems

Money Worksheets for Third Grade

Money Addition Worksheets
Money Subtraction Worksheets
Cursive Handwriting

Teacher Tools

Graphic Organizers
Word Search Maker
Timeline Maker
Monthly Calendar Printable 2012
Third Grade Social Studies
Third Grade Science

3rd Grade Science Worksheets

Energy in an Ecosystem
Earth Science
Where Does Your Energy Come From?
Digestive System
Light and Sound


Organic Versus Inorganic Compounds
Saturated vs. Unsaturated Hydrocarbons
Hare vs. Rabbit
Vegan vs. Vegetarian
Turtle vs. Tortoise
Difference between Terms

Multiplication Table practice