Linking Verbs Examples

Linking Verbs

Linking Verbs are verbs that express a state of being.

They are called "linking" verbs because they link the subject of the sentence to a word or phrase in the predicate that renames or describes the subject (tells us more about the subject's "state of being").

Examples of Linking Verbs:

All forms of the verb "be" are always linking verbs.

Forms of be: be being been am is are was were

Other verbs can be linking verbs or action verbs:

Examples: feel taste smell look grow

To find a linking verb:

1) If the verb is a form of be (be, being, been, am, is, are, was, were), you have a linking verb.

2) For other verbs, if you can replace the verb with a form of "be" and the sentence makes sense, you have a linking verb.

Examples with explanation:

John is nice. (Is links John to an adjective describing him.)

Lauren was at the theater. (Was links Lauren to a phrase telling us where she is.)

Tanner feels sick. (Feels links Tanner to an adjective describing him.)

Mr. Peters is our teacher. (Is links Mr. Peters to a noun renaming him.)

Example of how to find a linking verb:

The flower looks beautiful.

Is the flower "looking"? No.

Could you say "The flower is beautiful."? Yes.

In this sentence, "looks" is a linking verb.

More examples:

1) The cake smells good.

2) My cousins were late to the party.

3) Ava looks tired.

4) We are the champions!

5) The fireworks are amazing!

6) This spaghetti tastes good.

7) I think the sun is rising.

8) Is the phone on the table?

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