A Raisin in the Sun Act 2 Scene 2 Summary

     Scene two takes place on a Friday night a few weeks later. George and Beneatha have returned from a date, and he keeps trying to kiss her, but she isn't interested. Mama walks in on them and says hello to George before he leaves. Once he's gone, Beneatha admits that she didn't have a good time with George because of his misogynistic view of women. Mama says she understands, and Beneatha appreciates the support. A neighbor, Mrs. Johnson, comes to the door, and she pats Ruth's stomach as she enters, showing that Ruth is still pregnant. Mrs. Johnson says she is happy for the family that they are moving out. Mama tells Ruth to bring Mrs. Johnson some pie, and even though she says she can only stay a minute, she happily accepts the food. Mrs. Johnson talks about how she read in the newspaper that some colored people had been bombed nearby. Mama knows that Mrs. Johnson is trying to scare them, but she offers her some coffee after she finishes the pie. Beneatha walks by and Mrs. Johnson asks her about school. Mrs. Johnson gives a lot of backhanded compliments where she seems to be saying nice things about the Younger family, but then she follows it with something mean. Finally, Mrs. Johnson leaves, and then the phone rings.

     Ruth answers it and speaks to Mrs. Arnold who is Walter's boss. She says that Walter is lying down because he's been sick. Mrs. Arnold lets Ruth know that if Walter doesn't show up to work the next day, he's fired. Walter comes out, and Ruth is shocked to learn that he hasn't been to work in three days. Mama asks where he has been. Walter tells her that he has just been driving or walking around. Usually, he ends up at the Green Hat, which is a bar. Mama hates to see her son depressed and makes a decision about the money. She tells Walter that she put thirty-five hundred dollars down on the house, which leaves another sixty-five hundred. She wants him to take three thousand of it and put it in the bank for Beneatha's medical school, but he can take the other thirty-five hundred and do what he wants with it. She tells him he is the head of the family, and he can decide. Travis enters, and Walter is in a much better mood. He asks his son what he wants to be when he grows up, and Travis says a bus driver. His father encourages him to dream bigger. Walter tells him that in a few years, he'll have an office downtown. He's going to make a transaction that will change the course of their lives, and someday people will be waiting on him and driving him around instead of the way it's been.

     Walter is emboldened by the possible reality of making his dream come true. He has regained his confidence and his manhood with the possession of this large sum of money. He wants to make a difference in the lives of his family.

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