Our Town Act 1 part 2 Summary

     In the second part of this act, the Stage Manager brings in some experts to talk to the audience about Grover's Corners, New Hampshire. First, Professor Willard gives the history of the town from its evolution millions of years ago. Professor Willard shares that the population of the town is 2,642 people. Then Mr. Webb comes on and shares a little about those people. He lists the political and religious preferences along with the fact that ninety percent of those who graduate high school there stay in the town.

     Then the Stage Manager takes questions from the audience, which are actually still people who are a part of the play. First, a woman in the balcony asks about drinking, but Mr. Webb replies that it's not much of an issue. Then a belligerent man asks about social injustice. Mr. Webb replies that some people can't help themselves, so they just leave them alone. A lady in a box asks about cultural experiences in the won. Mr. Webb tells her that they read and appreciate music and art a bit.

     The Stage Manager then jumps to later in the day when the children are returning home from school. Emily comes up and gives her father a kiss as he finishes mowing his lawn and goes inside. Then George comes up to her to congratulate her on her speech in class that day on the Louisiana Purchase. George mentions that he can see Emily from his bedroom window, which is directly across from her bedroom window. George asks if maybe sometimes she could give him hints on algebra problems if he's struggling. She says he can whistle, and she'll help him out. George mentions that he is not very good at school, but he loves farming. His Uncle Luke has offered to let him work on his farm and then gradually take it over whenever George is ready. George tells Emily that he has to be going to baseball practice. Emily goes in and talks to her mother. She asks her mother if she is good looking. Her mother dismisses the question as foolish. Clearly, Emily is getting to an age when she is concerned about how pretty she is because she wants to attract boys. The Stage Manager once again thanks and dismisses Emily and her mother.

     The Stage Manager explains that a new bank is being built and they have decided to preserve things in the cornerstone of the bank. They want to put in a copy of Mr. Webb's Sentinel, a Bible, the Constitution, and William Shakespeare's plays that way they will be preserved and survive for thousands of years for people to enjoy someday. The Stage Manager also wants to put in a copy of this play. It's a more basic explanation of how people lived their everyday lives. Suddenly, he hears choir practice going on. Simon Stimson, the choral director, is encouraging his members to follow along with him.

     The scene then jumps to George who is trying to get Emily's attention from his bedroom window. He asks her for a hint about the third problem on their math homework. Emily helps him out. Dr. Gibbs then asks George to come downstairs and talk to him. His father tells him that he heard George's mother chopping wood, and he was disappointed. He expects George to assist her with chores like that. He offers to raise his spending money twenty-five cents a week.

     Choir practice lets out, and Mrs. Soames walks home with Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Gibbs. She comments on how Mr. Stimson was drunk again at practice that night. Mrs. Gibbs says they should just pretend they don't notice; however, she goes home and immediately talks to her husband about it. She tries to talk to him about the money that she could get to use on their vacation, but he isn't interested. Rebecca then goes into George's bedroom to look at the moon from his window. Constable Warren, an elderly policeman, walks by and says hello to Mr. Webb. Mr. Webb notices his daughter, Emily, in her bedroom window and tells her to go to sleep. Then Rebecca tells George about a letter her friend Jane received, which under Jane's address added the United States of America, Continent of North America, Western Hemisphere, the Earth, the Solar System, the Universe, the Mind of God. She and George found that amusing. The Stage Manager then announces that the first act has ended.

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