Our Town Important Characters

Stage Manager - narrator who explains background information and occasionally takes on roles in the play, he operates in a sphere where he knows he is in a play and he knows the future of all the characters

George Gibbs - the Gibbs's oldest child who plays baseball and wants to be a farmer, he falls in love with and eventually marries Emily Webb, his neighbor

Emily Webb - the Webb's oldest child and a good student, she marries George and has a son with him but then dies giving birth to their second child, later she joins the dead souls in the cemetery and tries to relive a moment from her life, arguably the protagonist of the play

Dr. Gibbs - George's father and the town doctor, neighbor of the Webbs

Mrs. Gibbs - George and Rebecca's mother who desires to travel abroad but dies before she gets the chance

Mr. Webb - Emily's father and editor of the Sentinel, neighbor to the Gibbs

Mrs. Webb - Emily and Wally's mother and Mr. Webb's wife

Mrs. Soames - A gossip who sings in the choir along with Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Gibbs and appears in the group of dead souls

Simon Stimson - Choir director and alcoholic who committed suicide by hanging himself in his attic

Rebecca Gibbs - George's younger sister

Wally Webb - Emily's younger brother who dies of a burst appendix when he's young

Howie Newsome - The local milkman

Joe Crowell, Jr. and Si Crowell - Brothers and paperboys, when Joe gets older, Si takes over his route

Professor Willard - College professor who gives the audience a report on the history of Grover's Corners

Constable Warren - A policeman

Sam Craig - Emily Webb's cousin, who left Grover's Corners and moved to Buffalo but returns for her funeral

Joe Stoddard - The undertaker

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