Stargirl Chapters 31-34 Summary

Chapter thirty-one is the day of the Ocotillo Ball. Leo did not go, but Stargirl did. It was held at the Mica Country Club. Wayne Parr had told people he rented a powder blue dinner jacket, so three quarters of the boys attending the dance wore blue too. Stargirl arrived in a bicycle sidecar attached to a bicycle driven by Dori Dilson. She wore a strapless yellow gown with silver lunch truck earrings. People stared because of how amazing she looked. Leo watched from a distance. They had a band on the tennis court to play music for them. Finally, a boy named Raymond Studemacher asked Stargirl to dance. Then the band played the bunny hop, Stargirl led the line, and almost everyone joined in. She changed up the moves and led them off the court onto the golf course until they disappeared in the distance. Hillari and Wayne, who had stayed behind, wanted the band to play another song, but they refused. Hillari tried to dance to the bunny hop, but it wouldn't work. After awhile the line appeared in the distance. They returned right on beat, laughing and hugging. Hillari walked up to Stargirl and slapped her. Stargirl leaned in and kissed Hillari on the cheek then left the dance, never to be seen again.

Chapter thirty-two takes place fifteen years later. Stargirl's house went up for sale that summer. Leo visited Archie who told him that her family had returned to Minnesota. Archie told Leo how Stargirl gave up herself because she loved Leo that much. Before Leo left for college that fall, Archie invited him over again to show Leo Stargirl's office, which was in the shed in Archie's backyard. In a filing cabinet, she had files on everyone, including Leo, which contained newspaper articles and other interesting information.

In chapter thirty-three Leo has returned from college and become a set designer. Archie asks Leo to drive him out into the desert where he buries Barney, his Paleocene rodent skull along with a piece of paper that he says contains a word. The next time Leo visits someone else is living in Archie's house, and Stargirl's enchanted place is the location of a new elementary school.

The final chapter, entitled "More Than Stars," talks about the class reunions that Leo has attended. Kevin has become an insurance salesman. Hillari and Wayne broke up after graduation. Mica Area High School has a club called the Sunflowers, in which people must promise to do something nice for someone else every day in order to join. The school marching band contains a ukulele. At the first basketball game of each season, the Mica fans jump to their feet and cheer for the first point that the opposing team scores. Leo reads the fillers in the newspaper and watches for acts of kindness across the country. He knows Stargirl is still out there, and she has had an impact on many people. In fact, last month for his birthday, Leo received a porcupine necktie in the mail.

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