Stargirl Important Characters

Stargirl - real name, Susan Julia Caraway, arrives at MAHS as a sophomore who was previously homeschooled. She is very unique; therefore, other students at school aren't quite sure what to think of her. She likes Leo, and they date briefly. She leaves the school at the end of the school year.

Leo Borlock - protagonist of the story, a junior who is friends with Kevin and dates Stargirl until he can't handle being ignored by the other students; however, he is forever changed by his time with her.

Archie Brubaker - a retired paleontologist widower, who started a club called the Loyal Order of the Stone Bone so that he could continue to interact with students interested in learning from him. He helped homeschool Stargirl, and he passed away by the end of the book.

Kevin Quinlan - a junior and best friend of Leo. They ran a television show at school called Hot Seat, which Kevin hosted.

Hillari Kimble - a popular, loud senior who dates Wayne Parr and hates Stargirl. She slaps her at the dance before Stargirl disappears.

Cinnamon - Stargirl's pet rat who often rides in her backpack.

Dori Dilson - freshman who became friends with Stargirl and joined her band, the Ukee Dooks.

Mallory Stillwell - captain of the Mica High School cheerleaders.

Anna Grisdale - senior whose grandfather died during the school year.

Danny Pike - young boy who broke his arm and ruined his bicycle, so Stargirl bought him a new one.

Mr. Robineau - teacher and advisor for Hot Seat.

Chico - Hot Seat close-up camera named after its original operator.

Ron Kovac - basketball player for the Sun Valley team who is injured and Stargirl rushes to comfort him.

Barney - a Paleocene rodent skull that Archie keeps in his house then buries in the desert before he dies.

Señor Saguaro - a thirty-foot-tall giant cactus in Archie's backyard that he speaks to in Spanish.

Peter Sinkowitz - young neighbor of Stargirl for whom she makes a biography.

Mr. McShane - Faculty representative who drove Stargirl and Leo to the state oratorical contest in Phoenix.

Raymond Studemacher - senior who asked Stargirl to dance at the Ocotillo Ball.

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