Stargirl Chapters 9-12 Summary

Chapter nine continues to describe Stargirl's effect on their quiet dessert town. More students wrote in letters to the editor, joined clubs, and dyed their hair than ever before. Leo told Archie that it was like a miracle, but Archie responded that the trouble with miracles is that they don't last.

In chapter ten Leo finally agreed to put Stargirl on Hot Seat. They scheduled it for February 13. The school had a large bulletin board they called the roadrunner in the middle of the courtyard. Students put up signs and announcements there, but one day they found someone had put up the Pledge of Allegiance with the words changed. A few days later a senior named Anna Grisdale's grandfather died. Stargirl showed up crying at the funeral. Anna's mother asked Stargirl why she was there, and when she didn't respond, she asked her to leave. Nine-year-old Danny Pike broke his leg in a bicycle accident. When he returned from the hospital he found a new bike, but the family didn't know where it came from. It later appeared by the curb with the family's garbage. People noticed these incidents and their seeming connection to Stargirl, but they didn't have an immediate impact on her popularity.

Chapter eleven focuses on Stargirl's cheerleading displays at the basketball games. She would cheer whenever either team made a shot. People let it go because the Mica team was winning, in fact they were undefeated. In January fans began to boo when Stargirl cheered for the opposing team. They told her to sit down, but she didn't seem to hear them. When the Mica team crushed Red Rock by over fifty points, Stargirl left the gym and never returned. She waited outside chatting with the bus driver. She told her teammates that she wasn't having fun. They insisted that it didn't matter; her job was to cheer for her team. They decided to trick her by sending her inside for an item that someone had forgotten then telling the bus driver to leave. They made the two-hour drive home without her. A Red Rock custodian was nice enough to drive her home. The next day when the team claimed it was a misunderstanding, she forgave them.

In chapter twelve it is February 13, the day Stargirl appears on the show Hot Seat. The interviewee, Stargirl, sits on a chair with flames painted on it while Kevin, the host, asks questions. The jury, which is twelve students from MAHS, also gets to ask some questions at the end. There are three cameras that film the interview. Chico is the handheld close-up camera, named for the student who wanted the job of working that camera. Mr. Robineau is the faculty advisor. In the month since they had scheduled the show, Stargirl's popularity had plummeted. Just before the interview began, Stargirl took one of Cinnamon's paws from off her shoulder and waved it toward the control room, saying "Hi, Leo" in a squeaky rodent voice. Leo was shocked that she knew his name. The interview went smoothly until the middle when Stargirl's eyes became wide, and she fanned her behind pretending the seat was actually hot, which made Mr. Robineau laugh. Finally, she shrieked, and Kevin got the joke. The rat scurried across the floor, so the handheld camera followed it, making it an incredibly funny, memorable moment that they would never be able to air on television due to what followed next.

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