Stargirl Chapters 13-16 Summary

In chapter thirteen the Hot Seat interview continues. Kevin asks Stargirl about her name. She tells him her real name is Susan, but she has called herself Pocket Mouse, Hullygully, and Mudpie. Someone from the jury speaks up to ask if it's going to be Dog Turd next. Stargirl ignores him and explains that she changes it whenever she feels like she's outgrown it, like a shirt. Another question from the jury follows asking if Stargirl loves her country. She says she does, so he wants to know why she doesn't say the Pledge of Allegiance correctly. Then another girl asks why she cheers for the other team. The jury continues to subtly insult Stargirl under the guise of asking questions. Stargirl insists that she likes to cheer for everybody. Someone else asks why she quit homeschooling, and Stargirl responds that she wanted to make friends. The jury thinks she's done a bad job of it, making the whole school angry with her. Finally, Hillari speaks up and comments that Stargirl must have come from Mars, and she should get out of her school. The jury becomes a mob, ganging up on Stargirl, who looks like she's about to cry. Finally, Mr. Robineau turns off the power and decides the show is over.

In chapter fourteen Leo reveals that Mr. Robineau destroyed the tape and decided they would never air that episode. Since it was Valentine's Day, Stargirl put a candy heart on the desk of each person in her homeroom, just as she had done for previous holidays. The basketball playoffs began, and Stargirl tried to cheer only for the Mica team. At one point in the game, Ron Kovac, a tall student on the Sun Valley team dove for the ball and something in his foot snapped. The next thing they knew Stargirl was comforting him. Without their star player, Sun Valley couldn't defeat Mica. Two nights later when they played Glendale, they weren't so lucky. The fans were shocked to be losing, but Stargirl cheered on as if she didn't notice. Toward the end of the game, Stargirl's face became red. Someone had thrown a tomato at her, and people were laughing.

The next day Leo found a card in a notebook he hadn't used in a few days. It was a homemade Valentine, like a child would make, saying "I love you," and signed with pictures of a star and a girl.

Chapter fifteen begins with Leo questioning why he received this Valentine. He tries to ask Kevin if he got one, but it doesn't sound like it. Stargirl sat at her usual lunch table with Dori Dilson and a few other friends; she did not sing though. As she left the lunchroom, she detoured past Leo in order to say hi. Leo went home and thought about the card and her saying hello. The next day was Saturday, so he went to Archie's house for the Loyal Order of the Stone Bone meeting. They told him about what happened to Stargirl, and Archie didn't seem surprised. He talked about the fossil of an animal that hadn't lived for millions of years.

On Monday Stargirl once again came up to Leo's table and said, "You're welcome," so he was forced to thank her for the card. When she left, Kevin told Leo that she was definitely in love. Leo couldn't help but smile. He later heard people in the halls whispering about how she had been kicked off the cheerleading squad. Then a group of girls called him, "Starboy." Leo decided to go to her house. When the front door opened, he crouched down behind the car in the driveway. Suddenly, he heard her asking if he remembered the day that he followed her after school, which began their conversation together. Cinnamon ran over to his side of the car to say hello before climbing onto Leo's shoulder and licking inside his ear. Eventually, Stargirl told Cinnamon that it was time to go inside before saying good night to Leo. They had carried on an entire conversation without looking at one another.

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