The Diary of a Young Girl December 24, 1943 - February 14, 1944 Summary

"Himmelhoch jauchzend und zum Tode betrübt," which is a quote from Goethe meaning "On top of the world, or in the depths of despair." This phrase sums up Anne's feelings about her time in the "Secret Annex". She is either feeling good about still being free from the German concentration camps or sad at being kept away from all the activities a teenage girl normally participates in. She is jealous of the non-Jews who are allowed to live lives that have more freedom than she does. She longs to be with her friends and to be able to go outside. They have been in hiding for about a year and a half now and it is taking a toll not just on Anne but on everyone in the "Secret Annex".

While Anne still feels unloved by her mother, she is trying to understand her mother more. She now understands her mother's reactions to her behavior. She sees that her mother has a great deal of stress on her and has endured situations that Anne has caused to befall both of them. Anne has resolved to keep most of her anger and feelings about her mother to herself. She intends to only vent her feelings in her diary, instead of at her mother. Mostly Anne is upset because she has an ideal image of what a mother should be and her mother does not live up to her ideal. She wants her mother to show tact when dealing with Anne and to never laugh when Anne cries about what is upsetting her. In other words, she wants a woman who is perfect. Anne is realizing her mother is not perfect.

Anne is also experiencing the bodily and emotional changes that go along with puberty. She feels as if she has no one with which to share these feelings of excitement and confusion with. Her sister, Margot, and Anne are not close enough friends to share this time in Anne's life. So Anne decides the only person she can talk to is Peter Van Daan. This is because Peter is quiet and keeps things to himself. Anne thinks that he will keep her secrets if only she can get him to talk to her; Peter is a very quiet boy. She does try to talk to Peter alone upstairs as he is working on a crossword puzzle, but he only wants to talk about the puzzle. It does not go well and she temporarily puts the plan aside.

Anne goes into great detail about her feelings for another Peter, Peter Wessel. She had a vivid dream about him. In the dream Peter Wessel tells her, "If I had only known, I would have come to you long before!" Anne takes this as a sign that Peter is the only boy for her. The two had a childish romance a few years before this. They went around holding hands as youngsters do. He eventually went into high school and she was in elementary school so they drifted apart. She still feels strongly about him even though she knows he has probably forgotten all about her.

She also is missing her grandmothers and her friend Lies. She prays for Lies safety and the safety of all her friends. She realizes how lonely her grandmothers were in their final days even though they were surrounded by family. She sees how not having someone in which to confide in can cause a great deal of loneliness.

There is also, in February 1944, talk of the English invading Holland. Everyone is concerned what this would mean for the people of Holland. Would the Germans fight to defend their hold on the country or would they leave? They are hearing rumors that the Germans will flood Holland. This would be disastrous to the people, even if you did not live in an area that would be totally under water it would have serious consequences. The consequence to the group would be the possible collapse of the building they are living in. It is an old building that is not very structurally sound. If three feet of water were to come into the building it might collapse. They decide the best course of action would be to stay in the building if the invasion occurs. The group also try to plan a way in which Mr. Koophuis and his family could come and stay with them in the "Secret Annex".

Through Mr. Koophuis and Henk they learn of others who are in hiding and the activities of underground groups. "The Free Netherlands" group provides fake identity cards, money and other necessities to people who are in hiding. They along with the people helping the Franks and Van Daan's are considered courageous people. They are risking their liberty and lives to help others to survive the war.

At the end of this section in February 1944, Anne decides that her and Peter Van Daan's relationship has changed. Peter is looking at her differently as if he is taking a new interest in her. He also confides to Anne that he admires the way she is able to speak up and let others know how she feels. Peter is quiet because he has a hard time expressing himself, so Anne is a sort of role model for him. She tells him that her speaking up often causes her to be misunderstood, also she feels she talks too much.

This section of the diary shows Anne having a break though in her understanding of her mother. It also brings to light the possible invasion of Holland by the English and how the group will try to deal with it. Anne and Peter start a new type of relationship in which Peter expresses what he admires about Anne.

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