The Diary of a Young Girl March 22, 1944 - April 18, 1944 Summary

Anne is once again exploring her feelings for Peter. She still is not clear on his intentions towards her; does he regard her as a sister, friend, or a girlfriend? This plagues her every thought.

The good news for the group in the "Secret Annex" is that the men who were responsible for their food coupons have been released from jail. This means that to some extant the food shortage is lessened for them. Of course, the whole of Europe is suffering from a food shortage and therefore everyone has to make do with what is available.

Anne writes of how important the political situation is to not just the members of the group, but to everyone in the world. In the "Secret Annex" politics are discussed day and night with each member putting his own personal spin on the situation. They also spend a lot of time in front of the radio listening to the news from England and Germany; all the while they are still hearing the sounds of bombings and gun fire.

One evening while listening to the Dutch News from London an M.P. named Bolkestein said "that they ought to make a collection of diaries and letters after the war." Anne's diary, of course, was of immense interest to the families in the attic. She did not take its value very seriously, after all it was to her just some stories of how they lived through out the occupation. To Anne, the more serious subject was the reaction of all the people in Amsterdam. It was dangerous to leave anything unattended. This included cars and homes, which if left alone for as little as five minutes, could be stolen or in the case of homes cleared out of their contents. The small children even are involved in the thievery.

This subject has been a source of constant worry for all the people living in the building as they have had several robberies occur. But on April 9, 1944, Easter Sunday, the problem hit home as never before. Peter had heard a loud noise downstairs and went to investigate. What he saw was a plank that was out of the door. He went upstairs to get the rest of the men to help investigate what was going on. They discovered some men sneaking into the building to rob it. Mr. Van Daan shouted out that he and the other men were the police. The burglars fled, kicking in a board which had been placed to cover a hole. As the men tried to replace the plank a married couple came by and saw what was going on. They mistook the men of the "Secret Annex" for the robbers. They went to report the break in to the police. This caused terror amongst the inhabitants of the "Secret Annex". They all had to be totally quiet as they listened to the police searching the building. The police went up to the door of the attic but saw that the door was securely locked. They left the building, but the members of the group did not know if they would be returning soon. So they spent from Sunday until Tuesday morning living in fear. None of them could really sleep, for they were sure the Gestapo at any minute would show up and take them away.

Finally the decision was made to risk calling Mr. Koophuis and tell him their fears and what had happened. He sent Miep and Henk to the building to check things over and allow the members of the group downstairs to use the restroom. Until this time they had been using a make shift toilet, which was a garbage can. Henk fixed the hole and went to the police to make an official report. This would allow the police to see the incident as a routine burglary and not a suspicious incident.

Because of this occurrence some members of the group have changed their daily habits. Mr. Dussel does not sit in Mr. Kraler's office in the evenings and Peter checks the house several times a night to make sure it is secure. Mr. Kraler and Henk also reprimanded the men for confronting the burglars. They felt that the men of the group's actions were careless. They reminded them that as Jews they did not have any rights and must accept whatever fate that befalls them. Anne wonders when she and the others will no longer be seen just as Jews, but rather as people.

Anne has also decided that she would like to be a journalist. She wants to make her mark on the world so she will be remembered long after she is dead. She does not know if she is talented enough have a career as a journalist, but she wants to try.

Another incident befell Peter on April 15, 1944. He always locks the front door on the inside at night. It is also Peter's responsibility to unlock the door before Mr.Kraler and the other workers arrive for work each day. He forgot on this particular day to unbolt the door. Mr. Kraler was forced to use the neighbors kitchen window to enter the building from the back. He was furious at all of the people living in the "Secret Annex". Peter felt awful because he felt he had let everyone down.

Peter and Anne finally did kiss much to Anne's pleasure. She now feels that Peter has by this action expressed his true feelings for her.

There is much excitement and tension in the "Secret Annex". The burglars created the most stress yet because of the police searching the building. Peter's lapse in unlocking the door caused more stress for everyone. But Anne is thrilled that her and Peter seem to have come to an understanding in their relationship.

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