The Giver Chapters 21 - 23 Summary

In chapter twenty-one, Jonas learns that the Nurturing Center, including his father, all voted to release Gabe after a terrible night during which Gabe would not sleep. Jonas does not want Gabe to die; therefore, he decides to take Gabe with him. He has to change the plan then and stick to riding his bicycle out of town. The worst part is the search planes that fly overhead looking for them. Jonas hides in bushes and transmits memories of coldness so that they can avoid the heat-seeking technology of the planes.

Chapter twenty-two brings a change in landscape. The terrain becomes bumpier, and Jonas hits a rock and twists his ankle. He finds a stream to wash it off. The next problem becomes food as their supply diminishes. Jonas realizes that the two of them are starving. Again, he tries to use memories of feasts to satiate them, but it doesn't last long. Then the weather begins to shift, and it rains for two days. Gabe starts to cry more, and Jonas joins him.

In chapter twenty-three they face snow. Jonas uses memories of sunshine to warm them, but he can barely continue on. He has to leave his bicycle to walk up a hill. He feels he is very close to Elsewhere though. At the top he miraculously finds a sled, just like the one he saw in his first memory. He sits on it with Gabe and glides down the hill toward a new life. As he gets closer, he thinks he hears singing.

The end of the book is left a bit nebulous and up to reader interpretation. Readers don't know for sure if Jonas made it to a place where people could find and help him or if he and Gabe died. The optimistic tone of the book leads readers to believe that their plan was ultimately a success.

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