The Giver Quotes

"Rules were very hard to change." (14)

"The Receiver was the most important elder." (14)

"He just bowed to all of us and then walked, like they all do, through the special door in the Releasing Room." (32)

"...the feeling you described as the wanting? It was your first Stirrings...It happens to everyone." (37)

"[Gabe] had been given an unusual and special reprieve from the committee, and granted an additional year of nurturing before his Naming and Placement." (42)

"She skipped me, Jonas thought, stunned. " (57)

"He is to be alone, apart, while he is prepared by the current Receiver for the job which is the most honored in our community." (61)

"We have hard and painful work to do, you and I." (76)

"It's a very distant memory. That's why it was so exhausting--I had to tug it forward from many generations back." (83)

"'Call me The Giver,' he told Jonas." (87)

"There were a lot of colors, and one of them was called red. That's the one you are starting to see." (94)

"Our people made that choice, the choice to go to Sameness." (95)
"Overwhelmed by pain, he lay there in the fearsome stench for hours, listened to the men and animals die, and learned what warfare meant." (120)

'"I liked the feeling of love,' he confessed." (126)

"I was so devastated by my own grief at her loss, and my own feeling of failure, that I didn't even try to help them through it. I was angry, too." (144)

"He killed it! My father killed it! Jonas said to himself, stunned at what he was realizing." (150)

"'Her name was Rosemary,' the Giver said." (162)

"The most terrifying thing was the planes." (168)

"He settled himself on the sled and hugged Gabe close." (179)

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