Anthem Chapters 3-5 Summary

     In chapter three, Equality 7-2521 announces that he has made a discovery. He believes it is something that no one else knows about. He found a way to use the copper wires that he gathered to make the globes of glass on wall light up, so in other words, he discovered electricity. He is very excited about his discovery.

     In chapter four, Equality finally has another conversation with Liberty 5-3000. He admits to her that he has given her the nickname The Golden One. She shyly admits that she has also secretly nicknamed him The Unconquered. He tells her that these thoughts are forbidden, and he knows that she is risking a great deal just by talking to him. Then he calls her his "dearest one," which is likely the most romantic name she has ever heard. Since it is a hot day, she scoops up water in her hands and offers him a drink. By drinking from her hands, he is touching her in an incredibly intimate way that completely defies the laws of their society, and they are both stunned by it.

     In chapter five, Equality takes his new discovery and makes it self-sufficient. In other words, he creates a portable box that can light up, something akin to a battery in a flashlight. Equality is so pleased with this new discovery that he decides he needs to share it with the world. He wants to present it to the World Council of Scholars, who will be visiting his community in a month. He will confess all of his transgressions to them, and he hopes they will forgive him and assign him to the Home of the Scholars for his amazing discovery. In the meantime, he must protect his tunnel and guard his creation. Equality has noticed that his body has become stronger although he has never actually looked upon his own face. His society believes people should not be concerned with their appearance, which implies that they don't have mirrors or many reflective surfaces.

     These much shorter chapters move through Equality's physical, mental, and emotional transformations. In his tunnel each night, he learns new things and makes discoveries. By doing this extra work, he is becoming more healthy and muscular. His encounters with Liberty 5-3000 have improved his mood and shown him an idea of what love is, which it seems their society has tried to completely eliminate.

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