Anthem Chapters 8-10 Summary

     Chapter eight also begins a new chapter in Equality 7-2521's life. He experiences personal freedom for the first time. In the Uncharted Forest, he realizes he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants to do it. He finds himself laughing for no reason. He continues to carry his box with him as he journeys on into the woods. He kills a bird and eats it, and he realizes that the food that he cooked with his own hands tastes so much more delicious. He kneels down to drink from a stream and sees his own reflection for the first time. He thinks about how he is damned because he committed all these crimes and was forced to flee to the forest, and he laughs at the irony of how incredible it feels to be damned. He records all of these experiences on the papers that he had hidden in his tunic when he went to present his invention to the World Council. He is incredibly pleased by all these new feelings and experiences.

     In chapter nine he admits that he hasn't written for a few days because he didn't need to write down what he experienced since he will remember it forever. On his second day in the forest, the Golden One shows up and surprises him. She explains that people heard he had escaped to the Uncharted Forest, so she decided to follow him. She says she would rather be damned with him that blessed with the people in their community. Then Equality grabbed her and kissed her, feeling that he had never experienced such joy in his life. They held hands and walked together through the forest. Equality made a bow and arrows to help them hunt. They occasionally saw eyes in the forest, but no beasts attacked them. The more they walked, the more Equality questioned the morals he had been taught. He wondered whether what he thought was evil might really be good. The Golden One tried to express to him her feelings, but she could only say, "We love you," which was not what she wanted to say. She searched for a word to represent herself and only her, but she didn't know what it was.

     In chapter ten they come upon a large glass house that must have survived from the Unmentionable Times. They explore inside and find piles of clothes and a room with equipment for cooking. They decide that they will stay and live there. The Golden One is most entranced by her reflection in the mirror, but Equality is excited by the prospect of learning new things from the many books.

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