Anthem Chapters 11-12 Summary

     Right at the start of chapter eleven, it is clear that something has changed. Equality 7-2521 is using the word I. He says, "This is the answer," which implies that "I" is the unspeakable word. Knowing this word gives him power and freedom that he has never experienced. He knows that he is important as an individual. He puts down the word "we" as a way of demoralizing men, of making them all the same instead of celebrating their uniqueness.

     In chapter twelve, Equality admits that he cried when he first read and understood the word "I" in the books. He understood the importance of it, and he went to the Golden One and said, "I love you," which she had been struggling to tell him before. He then explained to her that their names are not the kind of names that people from the past would have had. People had unique and personal names instead of numbers, so he decided they should take on new names. He chose Prometheus, who brought the light of gods to men. He told the Golden One that she would be Gaea, the mother of the earth since Gaea is already pregnant with their first child.

     They plan to continue to live in the house that they found, and Prometheus wants to learn how to get the electricity working once again. When he feels his home is ready, he will return to his community and help some of his friends escape, people such as International 4-8818, Fraternity 2-5503, and Solidarity 9-6347, who clearly are not happy where they are. He is willing to bring anyone whose spirit has not been killed and who wants to start a new life.

     He wonders what happened in the Unmentionable Times that would cause them to want to take away people's freedom. He also wonders why people gave in. How could they lose all sense of reason and agree to concept of "we"? Nevertheless, the spirit of individuality will never die. Equality wants to start a new civilization, one that values the ego and recognizes the importance of "I."

     Though this book was written in 1938, its theme of the importance of the individual still hold true. It also still seems possible that something such as the Great Rebirth could happen in our society, which brings up a lot of questions about how such things occur and why we let them.

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